EPT11 London: Time for tea with Hartigan and Stapes

It is Day 4 of EPT London and everyone involved is reaching for caffeine. But given that this is the United Kingdom, and we're a bunch of prissy, fey, weather-obsessed weirdos (according, at least, to the rest of the world) we tend to favour tea instead of coffee.

Now, you might think that the presence of at least six coffee shops within about 100 feet of the Grand Connaught Rooms would raise a few question marks concerning this weary stereotype, but no. Instead, we will continue to wave our union flags, smile through our wonky and rotted teeth, and put James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton in front of the PokerStars.tv cameras for a tea-tasting session. How very British.

So click on the play button below and see how the Queen's loyal subject Hartigan and the gun-toting, Big Mac chomping, "Uncle Sam" Stapleton got on.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour