EPT11 London: Yann Dion leads high rollers into Day 2

The EPT high rollers face some unforgiving maths today and not only in the tough spots that they'll no doubt be put in by each other throughout the day. Whilst 50% of their Main Event counterparts will still be around tomorrow for their final table, if the high rollers want to make their equivalent they'll have to outlast way more than the 50% of the field they've already bested in making Day 2 of the £10,000 single re-entry event.

By close of play yesterday 165 players had fired one (or two bullets) and after eight players elected to re-enter this morning the total field swelled to 173 runners. All told there were 86 players still alive when play got under way at noon meaning almost exactly 50% of the field remained. Today the plan is to get as close to the final table of eight as possible meaning almost 90% of the field will be busted, felted and left potless before play is done for the day.

Whilst we can only guess at the identities of the final eight, we can get off the fence to say that it's a near certainty to be a star-studded affair. A cursory glance at the top 10 stacks coming into Day 2 confirms this:


Yann Dion did best of all on day one

Yann Dion, 363,300
Adrian Mateos, 276,000
David Vamplew, 236,400
Andrew Chen, 230,300
Ole Schemion, 218,400


Good day for Ole

Anatoly Filatov, 216,700
Max Silver, 200,800
Simon Higgins, 200,500
Dominik Nitsche, 184,100
Craig McCorkell, 176,300

There are three WSOP bracelet winners amongst them (Mateos, Nitsche and McCorkell), an EPT winner (Vamplew), the reigning EPT Player of the Year (Schemion), two EPT High Roller runner-ups (Filatov and Higgins) and three players who've made at least one final table of an EPT Main Event (Dion, Chen and Silver).


Mercier - one of five Red Spades still alive

It doesn't get easier when you scan through the field as Team PokerStars Pros Johnny Lodden (109,300), Bertrand Grospellier (78,500), Victoria Coren Mitchell (64,000) and Jason Mercier (42,400) plus Team Pro Online Isaac Haxton (109,300) all advanced. As did Full Tilt Professional Viktor Blom (97,700). But they might as well all pack up and go home as Dan Colman (77,300) is also playing and as we know he doesn't lose high roller events at the moment.


Read on to find out how much he'll win when he wins

It's all shaping up to be an exhilarating days poker and this is what is up for grabs for the players, who of course will only look at what's 'up top', which is £394,200 to be precise. Meanwhile it's possible for those who fired two bullets to make the money and not show a profit.

Full payout structure:
1st. £394,200
2nd. £267,000
3rd. £178,000
4th. £145,800
5th. £117,000
6th. £90,700
7th. £67,200
8th. £49,400
9th. £39,300
10th-11th. £33,050
12th-13th. £28,800
14th-15th. £26,300
16th-17th. £23,750
18th-20th. £21,350
21st-23rd. £19,650

Follow our coverage of the EPT London festival via the main EPT London page, where there are hand-by-hand updates and chip counts in the panel at the top and feature pieces below. And, of course, you can follow it all live at EPT Live.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour