EPT11 Prague: Snygg Jacka! Theo Jorgensen gets himself kitted out

Theo Jorgensen is one of the best poker players to follow on Twitter. Even though he regularly tweets about hands, which can make for pretty dull fare on social media, Jorgensen is acutely aware of what's interesting and what's not and usually gets straight to the point.

From this afternoon, for instance: "It's going slightly faster and slightly better than expected. 500K now." And then, after hand histories of a couple of big pots: "1 level is done and if I keep this pace this tourney is won by 5.30." You sometimes need to remember how deeply proficient in irony Jorgensen is to understand exactly what he's saying ("Lost pace. 1.2 mill. Avg around 300K" for instance), but he'll keep you updated whether he's on an upturn or a downswing.

Jorgensen is playing the €2,000 Eureka High Roller event today, which is on its second day. It broke attendance records, attracting 621 players, and about 30 remain at time of writing, including a good smattering of big names. Eugene Katchalov is involved still, likewise Dan Shak and Shyam Srinivasan. Jason Wheeler is also in, plus both Louis and Jack Salter.

Jorgensen doesn't often play side events at EPT festivals, mainly because he finds the cash games far too attractive. But he was chatting to PokerStars Blog's Hurdy Gurdy correspondent, Lina Olofsson, yesterday and she convinced him that the big field and late registration would make it worth his while.

Olofsson also heard from Jorgensen about a bizarre moment at the cash game tables this week that earned the Team PokerStars Pro a new item of clothing. Jorgensen was sitting alongside a French high roller, who was wearing an attractive green jacket. Jorgensen, ever the genial table-mate, openly admired the jacket ("Snygg jacka," is how you say that in the Nordic language) and was asked, "What size are you?" Jorgensen insisted that he wasn't eyeing up the jacket for himself, but was merely admiring it on his opponent. But after a short spell of to-and-fro during which Jorgensen revealed his jacket size, the Frenchman dispatched one of his friends to buy the same jacket as a gift.


Theo Jorgensen in his new jacket

Not long after, with both Jorgensen and his opponent now in possession of the same jacket, another Danish player arrived to the table and, without prompting, also said something along the lines of "Snygg jacka". With little more than a click of the fingers, the same clothing courier was dispatched back to wherever he had been and bought another of the same jacket for Jorgensen's Danish friends. A few rounds of poker had thus cost this French player a few big blinds, a few small blinds and two designer jackets.

Jorgensen is wearing the jacket this afternoon as he plays towards the final stages of this Eureka High Roller event. Meanwhile, if you fancy getting yourself a new jacket, head to the cash game tables at the EPT Prague Poker Festival.

Hold on, I wonder what would happen if you said you liked his car? I'll be right back...

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Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Jorgensen's benefactor was Russian. He was actually French.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour