Hey UK! Turn on your TV and watch some EPT

You probably know a little something about the European Poker Tour (EPT). You may have followed our updates, reports and interviews; you may have watched the award winning live stream; you may have even been one of the thousands of players to have played a Main Event over the last ten seasons. Put simply, the EPT is best tour around and accordingly it's broadcast around the globe.

This shout out goes out particularly to poker fans in the United Kingdom, who can watch the shows on Channel 4 every week on just after midnight on Tuesdays (at 00:05 to be precise). If you're looking to watch this in, say, Brazil, Canada, Germany or Russia, among many other countries, then you should check this EPT broadcast list to see when and where you can watch (many of which are localised, you lucky things!).

NEIL9838_James_Hartigan_And_Joe_Stapleton_EPT9BAR_Neil Stoddart.jpg

EPT presenters James Hartigan (left) and Joe Stapleton

The TV show is currently in the throes of the EPT Barcelona Main Event and - take it from someone who was there - there's plenty of lively action, so it's certainly worth watching. The Barcelona coverage will be followed up by the EPT London High Roller and Main Event, then the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and EPT Grand Final, which takes place in the glamorous environs of Monte Carlo. Set your box to record, or just catch up with episodes on PokerStars.tv (click here).

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