EPT Deauville: Troyanovskiy wins €2k High Roller at the death

After nearly eight hours on the third day of the FPS €2k High Roller, the tournament had looked as though it was going on hiatus for a second time due to the tournament room having to close at 5am. However Vladimir Troyanovskiy managed to take the title after being locked in a tough heads-up battle against Rui Ferreira for over two hours. The final table had started at 9.30pm but after almost eight hours of play, the Russian emerged as the victor in virtually the last hand of play, having lead the final table for almost the entire evening.

After whittling down his foe Troyanovskiy spiked on the flop with K♠9♣ against Ferreira's A♣7♠ after the last five hands had been declared. The board came 9♠2♦J♠4♠Q♥ to give Troyanovskiy the title and €141,000 to add to an impressive string of big cashes that are already under his belt. Meanwhile Ferreira will receive €97,000 as runner-up.

After two earlier exits, Saoud Mnahi was knocked out in 6th place for €34,900, the Kuwaiti player moved his last eight big blinds in with K♠9♣ and Vladimir Troyanovskiy made the call with A♠3♥. A 2♠Q♥4♣7♦4♦ board later and the Russian's chip lead increased even further.


Vladimir Troyanovskiy, winner of the FPS €2k High Roller

Next to go out was Marcin Wydrowski in 5th place, the Pole had started the table second in chips but was seemingly unable to win a flip when it was most needed. He pushed with 3♦3♠ over the top of a Troyanoskiy raise and the Russian called with A♥J♠, the latter winning on a 5♠K♠A♣T♦Q♠ board.

Four-handed play continued for a while, Troyanovskiy squeezed the three shorter stacks and eventually ended up eliminating both Jean Montury (4th - €57,290) and Olivier Dahan - (3rd - €70,640) in the same hand.

Montury: 9♣9♠
Dahan: A♦J♥
Troyanovskiy: A♣6♠

Somehow the Russian came from third place and made two pair on an 8♠7♠6♦A♠3♥ and managed to dodge a multitude of bullets on the river. Troyanovskiy went into the heads-up battle with over a 3:1 chip lead over Ferreira.


The FPS High Roller final table

Within 15 minutes, the tides had seemingly turned as the Portuguese player doubled with K♦Q♦ against K♥8♥ and briefly took the lead. As the tournament went into the last level of the day (meaning the players would've had to come back for a fourth day of a two-day tournament) it looked as though Troyanovskiy was about to finally win. He held Q♦9♥ on a T♠T♣9♠ flop against Ferreira's J♦8♣, the 3♦ turn changed nothing but the 7♠ river brought mutterings from the Russian and once again put the Portuguese player back in the battle. The two then traded blows for over two hours but neither player was able to land the knockout punch. Troyanovskiy could not win with Q♣T♥ against Ferreira's Q♠8♥ after the board came J♠7♦2♣7♣7♠. It did look like this tournament would go into a fourth day, until a fateful last hand.


Rui Ferreira - 2nd

Elsewhere, the EPT Deauville €2k NL event has wrapped up for the night and ebullient Russian pro Artem Litvinov is leading the final 47 players for Day 2. Just 27 of these will be taking home a minimum of €3,710 with €82,050 for the winner.

The event began at 4pm with 193 runners and it's a case of "usual suspects" for those still in the running. Litvinov was in the event fresh from a runner-up finish in the €1k NL Turbo (for €16,650); his nemesis in the €1k NL Turbo winner, George "GeoManousos" Sotiropoulos,also entered but didn't made it through to Day 2. Davidi Kitai, who has already won one €2k event this week, is currently second in chips and a final table finish will send the Belgian player over the $6 million mark.

Who else made it through? To find that out, you can check out all the names on the EPT smart phone app - downloadable for both Android and IOS. Suffice to say all the following are still in the running: Balasz Botond, Simeon Naydenov, Diego Gomez, Ludovic Geilich, Jonathan Little, Roman Korenev, Dario Sammartino, Joao Vieira, Robin Ylitalo, Konstantin Puchkov, Frederik Jensen, Alessio Isaia and Dominik Nitsche. This tournament will recommence at 1pm where they'll playing down to a winner.

The same starting time will see 21 players come back out of an initial field of 68 in the €1k PLO, those remaining in the four card game include Paul Testud, David Vamplew, Anton Wigg and Ivan Soshnikov.

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Chris Hall
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