EPT Deauville: Fast food service

While the EPT Main Event rages on, there's currently just one other event underway - the €1k Turbo. So far 93 players have entered the tournament and it's taken only two and a half hours for the field to be reduce to less than 50%.

Whereas the structure for the Main Event offers great depth and a good choice of tactics and styles, a Turbo is, in many ways, much more simple and relaxing. With the average stacks consistently hovering around the 20 big blind mark, decision are often automatic. The EPT might be an exquisite Michelin Star, seven-course taster menu but sometimes you're just craving an In-N-Out burger.


Dominik Nitsche and David Vamplew

With players naturally on autopilot, there's almost a complete lack of tilt in these events, if you become a victim to variance, then you're usually out before you can feel bitter about it. Most players will lose their coinflips, 60/40's or 80/20's and just wander off to look for the next event. There's always another tournament starting soon.


EPT10 Deauville winner Soiritos Koutopoulos

Even so, the list of players in this event is still impressive, even with half the field out. EPT10 Deauville winner Soiritos Koutopoulos, FPS Deauville runner-up Felix Lambertz, Dominik Nitsche, EPT10 London runner-up Georgios Karakousis and the winner of an earlier €1k Turbo this week, Paul Hoefer, are all still doing whatever the live version of "clicking buttons" is. (I assume it might also be "clicking buttons" but meant in a more metaphorical sense than usual).

Alessio Isaia, Joep van den Bijgaart and former EPT champion David Vamplew are all among those who busted this tournament and exits occur almost every few minutes with the tournament director predicting this event will be over by dinner time, providing ample time to jump in any one of the later side events today. It almost seems like the tournament staff planned it this way...

You can find out the results for this event later tonight by clicking here

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour