EPT Deauville: Greek victory in the Turbo; Troyanovskiy leads FPS €2k

EPT10 Prague runner-up George "GeoManousos" Sotiropoulos has won today's €1k NL Turbo for €23,960. Sotiropoulos, currently ranked 2nd on the Greek all-time money list, beat Russia's Artem Litvinov heads-up to take down the event. The last hand of the tournament saw the Greek player spike with K♠9♦ against Litvinov's A♥J♥ on a 2♠4♦Q♦9♥6♦ board. Sotiripoulos first started playing poker in home games with friends when he was just 14. He's mainly an online player and competes in all the major MTT events on PokerStars. His live winnings already total more than $1.7m.


George "GeoManousos" Sotiropoulos

There were 94 entrants creating a €90,240 prize pool. Among the 13 players who made the money were Maxim Panyak, Portugal's Joao Vieira - who is currently leading the EPT Player of the Year race and EPT9 Barcelona finalist Antonin Duda.

In the two-day €2k event, there are now 143 players remaining from an unconfirmed 194 entries, including Fredrik Jensen, Ludovic Geilich, Ilan Boujenah, Sylvain Loosli, Konstantin Puchkov and Gaelle Baumann. Sotiropoulos was a late arrival in this event as well.

The €300 Knockout Turbo garnered a field of 151 players, including Max Pescatori and Ivan Soshnikov. Just 59 players remain and the tournament should finish by about 1am. FPS Deauville runner-up Felix Lambertz just suffered a beat with A♦A♠ against K♥K♣ after a king was the door card.

The German has immediately jumped into the two-day €1k PLO event which has 39 runners so far, also in this tournament is EPT5 champion Salvatore Bonavena who already has one cash in an earlier PLO tournament this week. Also playing is EPT4 runner-up Antony Lellouche, the high-stakes Frenchman had come to Deauville just to play cash but not finding anything to his satisfaction he has opted to play the PLO event before heading back home tomorrow.

NEIL6242_EPT11DEA_Vladimir_Troyanovsky_Neil Stoddart-thumb-450x300-252289.jpg

Vladimir Troyanovskiy, coming back as chip leader in the delayed €2k FPS HR

Meanwhile the delayed FPS €2k HR will restart at 9.30pm with Vladimir Troyanovskiy leading the final eight players and this will be the primary focus of this evening's reports.

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