EPT Deauville: Side event round-up; another stacked €2k event

After a incredibly late finish last night/this morning which saw VVladimir Troyanovskiy win the FPS €2k High Roller for €141,000 and Samy Salah take down the €400 Turbo Knockout for €10,250, the side event schedule is packed today. There are three tournaments restarting today, including the €300 Turbo Deepstack which was stopped at 5am with just five players left led by Gustav Nordh.

The most stacked of the three events is the two-day €2k which is currently on the bubble with 28 left and 27 places being paid. Among those still in the tournament are former EPT winners Robin Ylitalo and Davidi Kitai as well as Yury Gulyy, Ludovic Geilich, Dominik Nitsche, Pierre Neuville, Dario Sammartino and Artem Litvinov. This event is expected to play down to a winner later tonight.


Samy Salah, winner of Event #25

The third of the three returning events is the €1k PLO which currently has 13 players remaining with nine getting paid, another pair of former EPT winners also feature in this tournament in Anton Wigg and David Vamplew.

Three new events also start today, a €500 with two starting flights, both happening today at 12pm and 7pm. The first one is already underway with over 150 runners including Gaelle Baumann, Bryan Paris and Andrey Gulyy - the Russian player having railed Troyanovskiy to victory until 5.30am this morning. There is also a €1k Limit Hold'em Championship event which has begun with 13 players so far including Joep van den Bijgaart and Konstantin Puchkov while another €300 Deepstack Turbo begins tonight at 9pm.

For an updated list of all the side event results, click here

Chris Hall
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