EPT Deauville: Side event round-up; Saber wins the Deepstack Turbo

In the two-day €500 event, the players are into the money with 39 players left out of the initial 298 entries from yesterday. There's €28,680 for the winner of this event with €990 for all remaining players. Among those still playing are former Eureka4 Vienna finalist Bryan Paris and the impossibly tall Andrey Gulyy.

The €500 'Survivor' that started at 12pm sees the field compete to see who can perform the best karaoke version of 'Eye of the Tiger' play a tournament like a satellite - once they're in the money, everyone gets the same prize. A total of 48 players have entered this tournament including side event winners Joep van den Bijgaart and Samy Salah, Georgios Karakousis and Yury Gulyy. Seven places will get paid €3,291 with the winner getting a trophy and a bonus €3. Check back in later as update you on that potential seven-way battle for those three euros.


Makram Saber, winner of last night's Deepstack Turbo

The €1k Pot-Limit Hold'em Champions has just gotten underway with a single table and registration open for a couple of hours yet. Later on this evening at 6pm, there's a €1k 6-Max event which will prove very popular while at 8pm, there is a €300 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack Turbo.

Elsewhere, Makram Saber took down last night's €300 Deepstack Turbo for €9,130 beating Antonin Duda (2nd - €6,170) heads-up at 5am this morning in the very last hand before the tournament room was scheduled to close. Other big winners last night were Petr Jelinek, Joep van den Bigjaart and Franck Jouve, who won the €2k, €1k Limit and €1k PLO respectively.


We're putting this photo of Petr Jelinek up again, because it's really great

For a full list of results from the side events so far, please click here

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