EPT Deauville: Stacked in the €2k

Event #24, a €2k No-Limit Hold'em tournament is just going on its first break of the day across in the far corner of the tournament room, but it's very quiet and very serious - in a literal sense, not a metaphorical one. With over 150 players already registered, the atmosphere could be described as anything but relaxed.

Among those playing so far are Walid Bou Habib (who is still not going home back to his goats), Simeon Naydenov, Adrian Mateos, Team PokerStars Online Vicente Delgado, Alex Goulder, Dominik Nitsche, Yury Gulyy, Andrea Dato, Bryan Paris, Anton Wigg and two-time EPT champion Vicky Coren Mitchell.


May the fours be with you. Hahaha. Hilarious

Unlike most of the other events starting today, this event is a two-day tournament, they'll play until 1am tonight and come back tomorrow at 1pm to play down to a winner.

Elsewhere, there are just five players left in the €1k Turbo with Artem Litvinov looking like the current chip leader. The €300 + €100 Knockout is about to get underway as well, I just bumped into FPS finalist Yohan Figueiras and Timothee Colcher, who was runner-up in the €500 + €500 Bounty last night, both of whom were heading across to play in that event with one eye on the €1k Pot-Limit Omaha that begins later at 8pm.

EPT11Dea_Timothee_Colcher_Event19_HU_7688 (1).jpg

Timothee Colcher, yesterday a runner-up, today back in the €300 Knockout event

Later on this evening at 9pm, there is the French Poker Awards which are being held at the O2 Bar in Deauville, everyone is welcome. For those wishing to follow a final table, the FPS €2k HR restarts tonight at 9.30pm with 8 players left led by Vladimir Troyanovskiy. If that's not your thing, there's always the €300 Turbo Deepstack at 10pm for people looking to put in "the nightshift".

Remember you can see a full list of the side event results by clicking here.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour