EPT Deauville: Six remain in the FPS €2k HR

The delayed final table of the FPS €2k HR is picking up a decent crowd despite this late hour. They're separated into sections, so there's the Portuguese section for Rui Ferreira, the Polish section featuring Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki and PokerStars sponsored-player Dominik Panka, the French section which is easily the largest and then a Russian section at the end. (Where are all the Deauville-based Kuwaitis though? Sauud Mnahi needs your support!)

Chip leader Vladimir Troyanovskiy suffered an early hit when he opened with A♣K♣ and quickly called Ferreira's all in shove for just over 750,000. The Portuguese player turned over A♠T♠ and managed to river a flush on a Q♠5♠9♥7♥2♠ board to survive. Ferreira continued his good fortune by knocking out Miguel Use (8th - €19,400) with K♠K♥ against A♣J♠ just a couple of hands later, moving himself into third place.


Miguel Use - 8th

Play took about an hour before another exit took place, Jean Montury spiking a set with 9♣9♦ against Cedric Massaro's K♥K♦ on a T♦6♠Q♣9♠7♦ board. Massaro received €24,780 for his 7th place finish. Troyanovskiy then won a sizeable pot from Marcin Wydrowski, the Polish player tanked for nearly seven minutes on the rier of a 7♣3♥4♣3♦6♥ board when the chip leader bet 865,000 into a pot of over a million at the end. Eventually he folded and the Russian tapped the table.

"What did you have?" asked Troyanovskiy.

"I folded a straight," replied Wydrowski.

Troyanovskiy showed him 6♦6♣ for a rivered full house.

Beyond, that it's been a fairly tight and tense affair and six players still remain after two levels with Troyanovskiy and Wydrowski remaining first and second in the chip counts.


The FPS €2k HR is underway

Elsewhere Dominik Nitsche was looking peeved, "Konstantin Puchkov just four-bet me for half his stack, I folded and he showed 3-2 offsuit...I couldn't call, I had ten-high!" Both are among the 77 players left in the €2k event that started today. There's €82,050 for first in this event with 27 places being paid a minimum of €3,710.

Meanwhile in the €300 Bounty, Max Pescatori was among those who made the final table while Ivan Soshnikov, David Vamplew, Hugo Lemair and Anton Wigg were all latecomers to the €1k PLO event. Finally, the €300 Turbo Deepstack got underway at 10pm and has so far gained over 200 runners including Steve Watts and Konstantinos Nanos.

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Chris Hall
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour