EPT11 Deauville: Dany Parlafes - the best at running good

The first level of the day had spoilt us, of that there is no doubt. Ten players were eliminated in the opening 90 minutes, which is unheard of for a Day 4 on an EPT and had reduced the field from 36 to 26. The powers that be had decreed that today would last four levels or down to 16 players, whichever came first. It looked at this stage that play would end before 4pm.

Of course these things have a way of righting themselves and the average stack usually remains around 60 big blinds late on in an EPT Main Event. If there are a spate of exits in quick succession that takes the average well above this then it's likely there won't be any for a while, if it drops below 60 big blinds then an exit is probably in the offing.

And so it was that 40 minutes into the second 90 minute level of the day only Milan Tomasz Rabsz had been eliminated, 25 players remained and the average stack of 710,000 weighed in at just over 59 big blinds. Everything was calm and as it should be and then suddenly it wasn't.


Dany Parlafes

When David Jaoui opened to 25,000 from middle position he can have had no idea the action he was about to start, one seat along Dany Parlafes bumped the price of poker up to 62,000 and it folded back round to Jaoui. The French PokerStars Qualifier rested his left hand on his face and began to cut down his chips with his right hand. He was cutting down his 5K grey chips, which he had stacked in towers of 20.

Parlafes was watching him intently, his right hand shaped in a fist rested against his face covering his mouth and nose. Jaoui restacked one and a bit tower of his grey chips and then pushed them over the line - four-betting to 150,000 total.

Briefly Parlafes took his hand from his mouth so he could ask the dealer for a count of the bet, but once he'd spoken the hand returned and he continued to riffle some green 1K chips with his left hand. The Romanian took a look at Jaoui's stack - there was around 480,000 back - and the next three actions took less than five seconds to complete.

"Raise," Parlafes slid out a bet of 230,000 total.
"All-in," Jaoui shoved for roughly 630,000 total
"Call," Parlafes instantly called.


It was good game for Jaoui

Jaoui knew that this was bad news, he showed A♣K♠ and he was in a world of hurt as Parlafes had pocket aces. The Frenchman sat there arms folded and waited for his fate to be dealt. The 7♦[10c]Q♣ flop gave him four jacks to crack the aces. The 9♣ turn meant he now also had flush outs, but he still remained impassive, no hint of a smile. The 2♦ river sealed his fate but he still had one more ignominy to face.

Hoping no doubt for a graceful exit he got anything but as his headphones became entangled within his scarf at it took a bit of time to separate the two. This all meant he heard Julien Duveau say to Parlafes: "Running good!" to which Parlafes replied. "I'm the best at running good."

With Jaoui's elimination there were just 24 players remaining and it meant the players would face a re-draw for the final three tables. Parlafes was now the owner of a chip leading 2,130,000 chip stack and faced the ultimate first world poker problem. He needed three racks to transport all his chips to the feature table. We're sure he'll cope.


So many chips

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour