EPT11 Deauville: Georgios Kapalas confirms Greeks' love for Deauville, but no shifting MacPhee

During the first break in play on Day 3 of EPT Deauville, PokerStars Blog had a brief chat with Georgios Kapalas, among a strong Greek contingent on the Normandy coast this week. At the time, Kapalas had a decent enough stack -- sufficient to play with, but nothing too special. However a couple of hours later, when the tournament had entered its bubble stage, Kapalas wandered over to the rail.

"I want to do another interview tomorrow morning," Kapalas said, showing great confidence that he would be coming back. "I had 230,000 when we spoke. I now have 900,000. I want to do another interview tomorrow."

While PokerStars Blog is reluctant to claim too much credit for this (although please do come and see us if you want to be interviewed too), Kapalas's day today was extraordinary. When they bagged and tagged at the end of five levels, Kapalas had built his stack to 1,398,000, the most of the 36 players still remaining.


Georgios Kapalas: Greeks love Deauville, official

Sotirios Koutoupas won this event last year, the first time Kapalas had ever missed the trip to France. But he is now in the box seat to take Greece to back-to-back Deauville titles, and is in the form of his life.

As ever, other sharks lurk close behind, and there are none more sharky in Deauville this week than Kevin MacPhee. The former EPT Berlin champion has rediscovered his best form this season, finishing second in London in October and back in the hunt for his second title here. MacPhee has continued to get players to pay him off beautifully, and his 1,313,000 is second most overall.


Kevin MacPhee: Newsflash: This man can play poker

Of course, the other major plot of the day centred on the bursting of the bubble, and after the predictable amount of to-ing and fro-ing from other players, railbirds (and a bemused cleaner) alike, Jannick Wrang took the fall out of all of their sight.

Wrang was on the feature table when he got his short stack in the middle as a button steal with a medium ace. David Jaoui called with pocket tens, flopped a set, and sent Wrang home in 88th. Everyone who had opted just to watch it on the EPT Live stream had the best view in the house.


The bubble bursts on Jannick Wrang

Wrang's departure left the field minus an EPT Campione champion, but there were still a whole load of big names in with a shout. There was MacPhee at the very top and Ruben Visser (589,000) was also building a stack. And then there was ElkY too, being buffeted this way and that on a tempestuous day. The Team PokerStars Pro and best known home hope, ended with 120,000. It's below average, but ElkY has done this before.


ElkY: Centre stage


Ruben Visser: Another champ surviving

Eugene Katchalov (86th, €8,810), Marcin Horecki (59th, €9,950) and Ronan Monfort (47th, €11,100) also earned a payday, but will go no further. Jan Heitmann fell before the bubble burst.

But this is still a pretty excellent field for a relatively small tournament, with the likes of Guillaume Darcourt (801,000), Benjamin Pollak (514,000) and Sergio Aido (341,000) joining the aforementioned in the last 36 returning tomorrow. The plan is to play down to 16, which should be no trouble at all.

Here are the notable stacks:

Kevin MacPhee, 1,313,000
Dany Parlafes, 1,220,000
Guillaume Darcout, 801,000
Daniel Carlsson, 735,000
Ruben Visser, 589,000
Benjamin Pollak, 514,000
David van den Berg, 426,000
Sergio Aido, 341,000
Alex Tikhoniouk, 303,000
ElkY, 120,000

Before you go, catch up with all the rest of our coverage from today. There were chats with Owain Carey, the Welsh wonderkid, and Daniel Carlsson, the next Swedish superstar, the overnight chip-leader Alex Tikhoniouk, and a sad, beaten man named Boutros Naim, who made the mistake of finding aces...

Let's all join him in the bar. Goodnight.

(Vladimir Troyanovskiy can be excused. He's been up all night.)


Vladimir Troyanovskiy: No sleep til Deauville

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