EPT11 Deauville: In, out and in again

Sergio Aido is out. And now he's in again. On the European Poker Tour you're never really out for long.

A short while ago Aido was one of the last 21 in the Main Event. That didn't really work out, so now he's turning €19,320's worth of disappointment into ten grand's worth of optimism and a seat in the high roller. Although had you or I just spent that much to buy a seat in a poker tournament, we'd probably hope for a better seat draw than the one he just walked into.

While Aido occupies seat one at his table, he's next to Michael Tureniec in seat 2. Then over in seat four is another EPT winner Robin Ylitalo. Dario Sammartino is in seat 6, with Oleksii Khoroshenin in seat 8. The dealer looks pretty handy with a deck of cards too. I not sure which analogy is most suited to a draw like this, expressing your wish for an easier ride for ten grand, but it would probably including a wrecking ball in their somewhere. Maybe five.

robin_ylitalo_ept11deau_5feb15.jpgThe view from Aido's new seat: Robin Ylitalo

Actually this is just one scary looking table in the high roller. If you were a tourist strolling through the tournament room on some kind of poker experience package (one that flew under the nose of the security guard posted on the door and on the tournament area), you'd see a lot of familiar faces, ones who seemed to disappear after their exit from the Main Event, and who now return. What main event?

For now we'll leave Aido to it. Conspicuous in his absence so far is Bertrand Grospellier. Like Aido, ElkY busted from the main event earlier today and has yet to make an appearance. The second break of the day now looms and wait, who's that walking into the tournament room?

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.