EPT11 Deauville: Player to be named later on course for Day 4

You might remember yesterday we caught up with "Bert", the player we refuse to officially name until later, for reasons of irrational superstition and a very real fear of people being mean to us on Social Media.

Well, we're happy to announce that Bert is still in, although today has been something of a roller-coaster for the Frenchman, which may or may not be his real nationality.

All this was noticeable in the break between levels 16 and 17 today. Standing out in the atrium, between the tournament room and the doors leading outside to the informal smoking area, you can make a pretty good guess as to how a player's day is going based on the way they behave.

Some players, such as Massou Cohen, skipped up the stairs this afternoon. Others, such as Marcin Horecki, spoke cautiously to his friends (this was before he busted in the money). Kevin MacPhee moved swiftly from the smoking area and back again, smiling at comments the Poles were making about the straight flush he'd just profited from.

Bert, however, stuck to the corners of the room, seeking solace in his phone after a bad level, one that had reduced a stack of 96 big blinds to around 26. A series of hands had turned his usual grin into regular head shakes, which became grimaces as he lost pots by the narrowest of margins. It seemed for a time that nothing would go his way, and his hair was left in a silvery tangle, not exactly how he'd styled it as he left the hotel this morning.

bert_disguise_4feb15.jpgHeading for Day 4

But this was what happens sometimes. Bert knew this, and was aware of what he had to do. He was not a quitter, nowhere in his make-up was the instruction to give up. And what's more his t-shirt bore his mission statement: "Be Legendary". You don't wear t-shirts that say any old thing.

And so he did. And while he may not have recovered that stack of earlier, he remains in the field as the end of Day 3 approaches, still in with a shot of a deep run, which many on both sides of the rail would cheer all the way.

So here's to Bert, again, as the end of a difficult day draws near. And if he busts between now and when play finished, well then we've no idea who you're talking about.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour