EPT11 Deauville: The show must go on

This time last year a table containing Ludovic Geilich spent the entirety of a day's play under the bright lights of #EPTLive. Only Ludo cancels the Ludo show it seems. That though is far from the norm and usually a two-level stint is all you get unless a table is so interesting it just demands more attention.

Now, no offence to the other players at table nine but once EPT Deauville champion and Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody had busted out shortly before the end of level 12 the chances of their stint continuing at the feature table for level 13 reduced remarkably. So, it was no surprise that they were forced back out into the bosom of the tournament when that level started.

Most of the time that would be that in terms of the coverage they got but the PokerStars Blog decided the show should go on and stopped by their table to see what was going on. For those who followed the action on EPT Live then the pattern was a familiar one. Clement Genon-Catalot - who eliminated Cody - was busy raking in chips as the blog took up its residency.


Genon-Catalot - the catalyst for action

Genon-Catalot had the advantage of being on the button in the next hand and he wasn't going to pass it up. When the action folded to him he put in a raise to 4,200 and Javier Rodriguez defended from the big blind. Both players checked the 9♣[10h]2♦ flop and the 4♠ fell on the turn. Rodriguez led for 4,500 and Genon-Catalot called. The final community card was the J♠ and again Rodriguez would bet it, he fired out 11,000 and after a dwell up Genon-Catalot flicked in the call. The Spaniard rolled over Q♠8♥ for the rivered straight and Genon-Catalot made the international face for 'I had you until the river' and then the two of them shared a joke and a laugh.

It was a mere scratch on Genon-Catalot's stack and he was soon back in the action when he raised it up from middle position, again to 4,200. One seat along Jean-Philippe Rohr had either had enough of Genon-Catalot's raises, picked up a strong hand, picked up something on Genon-Catalot or even all three as he raised it up to 11,200 total. Back on Genon-Catalot he eyed up Rohr's stack but decided against putting any more chips in the pot.

The table was playing very aggressively with most pots being three-bet or even involving an all-in. Next to try out the re-raise was Paul Bertrac. He three-bet to 10,500 over a 4,300 open from Rohr. The latter getting a taste of his own medicine then as he was forced to surrender some chips.

On the next hand Marina Razuvaeva - who is one of only a handful of woman remaining in the field - moved all-in for 27,000 but she got no action.

Perhaps being set free from the TV table has something to do with it but no matter what their chip stack, everyone at the table seems to be having a good time and is relaxed, playing what is, after all, a game.


Where the action happens

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour