EPT11 Grand Final: The champions graveyard

Long time readers of the blog will know that one of our favourite hobby horses when an EPT Main Event got down to its final 100 or so runners was to hark on about who could be the first to win a second EPT title. Well Mrs Coren Mitchell killed that one off but we can, thankfully, still blabber on about the search for a first male double EPT winner, which is exactly what we're going to do now.

When the bubble burst in the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final there were 79 players left six of whom have posed for a winner's photo at the end of EPT Main Event. By the time there were 48 remaining that number had been unceremoniously cut down to two.

First to go was Nicolas Chouity, down to around six big blinds he found Q♣T♣ and it was more than good enough to commit his chips with from the cutoff. He got a call from Christopher Franck and the German's A♣7♥ held up.


Nicolas Chouity - chipless

Shortly afterwards O'Dwyer found himself all-in and dominated with K♦Q♦ against Joao Simao's A♣Q♠. By the turn of a J♥J♠3♦Q♥ board he had some chopportunities but the 2♥ river was a brick. Both EPT Grand Final champions collected €19,175 for their efforts.


O'Dwyer - out

So then there were four, which became three a short-time later. Dimitar Danchev had stuck around long enough to make a couple of pay jumps but he started his final hand with a stack of around 20 big blinds (120,000). The Bulgarian opened to 13,000 from the hijack and called when Markus Ross three-bet to 31,000 from the button. On the J♥Q♠8♦ board the EPT9 PCA champion checked, Ross bet 40,000 and Danchev went into the tank. After 45 seconds or so Danchev responded by check raising all-in and Ross asked for a count.

It was perhaps 50,000 more to Ross and when this was established he made the call. Danchev had J♠T♥ but was behind to Ross's Q♦2♦. The A♦ turn reduced Danchev's outs still further and he got out of his seat, knowing his time in this tournament was nearly up. The 8♠ river confirmed his fate and he was on his way in 54th place. And Joao Barbosa, who took down EPT Warsaw in Season 5, will have to wait to make a return appearance to an EPT final table as he too has been eliminated.


Dimitar Danchev - done


Joao Barbosa - bust

So now just two tournament titans remain in with a shout of becoming the first male double EPT champion. We've been mighty close already this season with Kevin MacPhee (second, EPT11 London) and Dominik Panka (third, EPT11 Malta) almost re-writing the history books. In Monaco Jason Mericer and Jean Montury still have that chance.

It's the Team PokerStars Pro who's best placed right now, with 651,000 Mericer is in the top ten in chips and will be hoping to go further than the seventh place he achieved here in Season 9. Whilst if Jean Montury wants to go back to back he's going to have to get some chips quickly as he's down to just 48,000 (six big blinds).


Jason Mercier shares a joke with Josh Prager


Come on, give me more chips!

Follow all the action from the €10,000 Main Event is on the Main Event page. Also watch on EPT Live. It's also about time you downloaded the EPT app. There you will get all the latest news, chip counts and payouts. You can download it on Android or IOS.