EPT11 Grand Final: Tough crowd

Despite what Johnny Lodden may think (see below) we've said it before and we'll say it again (many times) there are no easy tables when you go deep in an EPT and certainly not when you reach this stage of an EPT that carries a €10,000 buy-in. But, if an alien was looking down on the Salles des Etoiles as the players meandered into the room for another day of poker action you wouldn't know that they were playing for life changing money.

Take a closer look at Lodden's table here.

Many have, of course, been here before. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst and Bryan Paris were deep in conversation as they entered the room but it was a jokey smiley conversation rather than a strategic about to sit down and play poker conversation. Paris has already made one final table here this week, finishing fifth in the €2,000 FPS High Roller. That took his live winnings to over $600,000 but it's in the online arena where he plays under the screename 'bparis' for which he's best known, having racked up almost $8,000,000 in cashes over the years.


Selbst is stacked heading into Day 3

The pair soon went their separate ways as they were at different tables, Paris sat down at the same baize as Tom Hall and WSOP APAC champion Scott Davies, whilst Selbst sits with Frederik Jensen, Lasse Frost and Ami Barer for company.

When you glanced around the room there were plenty of players in similar boats. Those seated at table four were told they were the secondary feature table and anyone arriving early (who hadn't checked the seat draw) had an anxious wait to see which superstar or superstars had made this table so important. They didn't have to wait long, Jason Mercier, who started the day fifth in chips, arrived bright and early and took up his position in seat two. He ended yesterday just one seat to the left of where he now sits. But, he wasn't the only attraction at this particular table. Josh Prager, Maya Roca, Jason Wheeler - who sprinted to his seat so as not to miss the first hand - and Victor Ilyukhin all make for an entertaining table.


Mericer - at the secondary feature table again

Another red spade at a decidedly tough table is Eugene Katchalov, he doesn't have the same ammunition as Mercier, having started the day with just under 25 big blinds. He'll be hoping to get some chips from the likes of Jeffrey Hakim, Joao Barbosa and Liviu Ignat. Good luck!

Team Pro Online still has Ike Haxton to root for and he's at the third feature table as is a certain Dzmitry Urbanovich and the GPI Global Poker Masters MVP Giuliano Bendinelli.

Table six features the talents of Fabrice Soulier, Mustapha Kanit, Yury Gulyy and Dario Sammartino, one table over you'll find Max Altergott, Pierre Neuville, Felix Stephensen and Sergio Aido. We could go on and on. Table eight got a little easier when Dan Heiiller busted out on one of the first hands, his three-bet shove from the small blind with A♠2♥ getting picked off by Anton Astapau's A♦Q♣.


Haxton's happy despite a tough table draw

He was the first out of the 114 players who returned today, 79 will get paid and they'll be playing five levels each of which is 90 minutes long.

Follow all the action from the €10,000 Main Event is on the Main Event page. Also watch on EPT Live. It's also about time you downloaded the EPT app. There you will get all the latest news, chip counts and payouts. You can download it on Android or IOS.