EPT12 Barcelona: The route to the final

The combined Microsoft Excel skills are far lower among the staff of PokerStars Blog than you would expect from any three random squares. But that has never stopped us attempting to illustrate via a spreadsheet and a graph the route taken to the final table of the last remaining EPT players. As usual, the result, in the words the song, is not right but it's OK. (RIP Whitney.)

In the table and chart below, we hope you'll get a general idea of the path our final nine took on their route to the last day. It's been a pretty swingy tournament for most of the 1,694 players, ending smashed against the cliffs, but surprisingly plain sailing for most of the finalists.

Only John Juanda, who finished Day 4 in 35th place out of the final 36 has really been staring at the abyss over any given night. Rainer Kempe had a dance with the devil yesterday, when he was down to only two big blinds, but he had built his stack back up before play resumed.

As for Denys Shafikov, there's a reason he looks so composed. He has never been in danger at all.


Route to the final at EPT Barcelona -- click for larger image

The raw data:

Stack size:

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
Denys Shafikov30,00090,100223,2001,110,0003,995,00017,515,000
Steven Warburton30,000114,000146,600910,0002,150,0007,180,000
Andreas Samuelsson30,00055,00073,200425,000740,0007,005,000
Frederik Jensen30,00057,500132,400380,0002,280,0005,580,000
John Juanda30,00089,300371,200914,000395,0004,040,000
Rainer Kempe30,00037,600170,000781,0002,455,0003,775,000
Mario Sanchez30,00063,80086,400558,0001,755,0002,885,000
Victor Bogdanov30,000132,700203,700266,0001,735,0001,415,000
Amir Touma30,000112,900543,900330,0003,845,0001,180,000

Relative to number of players remaining:

Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
 Total: 1007Total: 343Total: 110Total: 36Total: 9
Denys Shafikov11163421
Steven Warburton501451472
Andreas Samuelsson35525548253
Frederik Jensen3341625464
John Juanda1181313365
Rainer Kempe5781141846
Mario Sanchez27223430127
Victor Bogdanov258478138
Amir Touma5126339

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour