FPS Deauville: Julian Brecard on baths and fatherhood

Scouring the record field today, there's few who'll know how to play against a big French field than Team PokerStars Pro Julian Brecard. During the last break, he briefly took time to chat.

Hey Julian, how are things going today?

Pretty good, I arrived about two hours late because I wanted to take my time. I'm in a good location in Hotel du Golf, the hotel is amazing and I had a one-hour bath before I saw that the record [for the size of the field] was broken. So I said to myself, "I'll have just one more level in the bath..."


Team PokerStars Pro Julian Brecard, refreshed after two hours in the bath

What is your table like?

My table is very, very French. Very limp-ish. So I'm not going to take any risks. I think we have a lot of players from Paris because poker there is very dry right now and the last FPS in Paris was cancelled. So everybody wants to play a big tournament and they're all here. Then there's a ton of qualifiers too. It's great because the biggest stars can qualify online, but so can some of the more entertaining players...

The first ever FPS had just 149 players, now we have over 1,300 here, what do you think about this?

It's good a thing to know for markets like this. I think buy-ins between €800 and €1,500 is the best buy-in you can give to players and everyone is happy to play events like this.


Team PokerStars Pro Julian Brecard

How do you deal with being a father and a professional poker player?

It's tough, it's really tough. Honestly you have to organise yourself one month in advance. The things you win with a life like this though is a hundred times more than any flip you could win. I think it's a great, great strength for me to have her. Sometimes when I'm a little bit bad at the table then I put on some nice music on with a picture of her and I'm ok. I know at that time that it's a good day, I play the game that I prefer, I have my daughter at home - life is good. Because of her I want to play less and I have to play less.

What trips do you have planned coming up after Deauville?

Vegas! And I'm going to try and qualify for EPT Monte Carlo. I'm going to play the France Poker Series in Monte Carlo and then just play lots of satellites, online and live. Before that I'm going to be in Malta for La Maison du Bluff - a poker reality TV show for two months. I just bubbled EPT Player's Choice online and when I was deep I was thinking if I'd qualify I'd use it to play EPT Malta. Maybe I'll buy in directly as it's at the end of our TV show. If I want to go see my daughter 100% then I'm going to go back to Paris and if it's ok then I'm going to stay one more week.

FPS Deauville update:

- An unconfirmed 882 players have entered today
- Registration is closed
- Level 5, 150/300 (25)
- Recent eliminations include Owain Carey, Andrey Andreev, John Eames, Franck Kalfon and Jerome Zerbib

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