FPS Deauville: Level 35-36 updates (200,000/400,000/50,000)

1.26am: Anthony Apicella wins FPS Deauville for €197,000! Felix Lambertz eliminated in 2nd place (€125,500);
The heads-up battle did not take long. Felix Lambertz limped in the small blind for 400,000 before Anthony Apicella made it 1,500,000 in the big blind. Lambertz, with around 12 million in chips thought for about a minute before announcing all in. Apicella immediately called and threw down his cards.

Lambertz: 2♣2♠
Apicella: K♠K♦

The flop came 6♣7♣2♦ and Lambertz jumped into the lead to German cheers and French groans. Then the K♥ hit the turn to an explosion of cheers that were immediately reined in by the crowd, knowing there was still one card to come.

Just one card in the deck could save Lambertz but the 9♣ was not it. Apicella had won and ensured the biggest ever France Poker Series title stayed in the homeland. Immediately he was mobbed by friends before he went across to embrace a disappointed Lambertz.


Anthony Apicella - FPS Deauville winner

Congratulations then to Anthony Apicella and all of the winners today. Day 1B of the EPT Main Event begins tomorrow at 12pm CET, make sure you're following it here on the PokerStars Blog, it's going to get busy...

A full recap of the final day of this record-breaking day will follow shortly.

1.22am: Van Leeuwen wins Deauville Cup for €62,400!
We often talk about tournament wins being life-changing money, but for 23-year-old Dutch student Tim van Leeuwen it couldn't be more true. Leeuwen was down to his last euro when older brother Nils, who won the FPS Deauville Main Event here last year, suggested he spent his university break at the EPT Deauville Poker Festival.

Van Leeuwen took the train to Normandy, joined 1,137 other players who had entered the five-day €300 Deauville Cup - and won it tonight for €62,400. If you're a penniless student, that's an awful lot of money, and van Leeuwen couldn't be more thrilled. In total, there were 1,210 entries, creating a €348,480 prize pool. Among the 175 players who finished in the money was Moundir Zoughari, star of the French survivor-style reality TV show Koh Lanta, who finished 11th for €3,880.

1.17am: Heads-up chip count
Anthony Apicella - 22,020,000
Felix Lambertz - 11,700,000


Felix Lambertz - 2nd

1.12am: Nicolas Hamouni eliminated in 3rd place (€88,500)
It was passed to Anthony Apicella in the small blind who set Nicolas Hamouni all in.

Instant call.

Apicella: A♦J♥
Hamouni: 9♥9♦

The board came 2♠A♠8♣8♠6♦ and Apicella increased his chip lead going into the heads-up battle. Hamouni, the youngest player on the final table, takes home €88,500 for his efforts.


Nicolas Hamouni

1.05am: Chip counts
Anthony Apicella - 17,870,000
Felix Lambertz - 12,350,000
Nicolas Hamouni - 3,500,000

1.00am: Level 36 - 200,000/400,000 (50,000)
It's a brand new level! Woohoo!

12.50am: Short break
Players are on a five-minute break.

12.38am: Apicella makes huge bluff
Nicolas Hamouni raised to 600,000 preflop on the button and Anthony Apicella made it 1,600,000 in the big blind. Hamouni called to see a 9♣4♦2♥ flop. Apicella continued with a 1,300,000 bet and Hamouni made the call to see the 6♦ on the turn.

Apicella checked and Hamouni bet 875,000 but Apicella quickly responded by check-raising to 1,750,000. Hamouni made the call and the river was the T♥. Apicella bet 1,400,000 into the pot of 9,500,000. At this point Hamouni had around 5,000,000 left and the younger player began to count up his remaining stack were he to make the call.

Hamouni folded and Apicella proudly showed Q♦J♥ for nothing at all.

12.25am: Ivan Luca eliminated in 4th place (€68,500)
Ivan Luca shoved for his last 840,000 and Felix Lambertz isolated the Argentinian.

Lambertz: A♥5♦
Luca: K♥8♥

The board came A♣4♣2♠8♦3♣ and Lambertz made a wheel for the pot. Luca went out in fourth place, but the damage had been done after he lost that monster pot with an overpair.


Ivan Luca - 4th

12.20am: Chip counts
Anthony Apicella - 12,800,000
Nicolas Hamouni - 11,550,000
Felix Lambertz - 8,795,000
Ivan Luca - 840,000

12.18am: Huge double for Hamouni
Ivan Luca opened to 635,000 on the button and Nicolas Hamouni moved all in from the small blind. Passed back to Luca and he snap-called.

Luca: J♦J♣
Hamouni: 6♥6♦

It looked to be over for the Frenchman after the 4♥K♦7♣ flop but the 6♠ on the turn sprung him into the lead. Hamouni completed a double to over 11 million when the 3♦ came on the river. Luca was crippled and left with just one big blind after the hand.

12.13am: Chip counts
Anthony Apicella - 12,880,000
Felix Lambertz - 9,175,000
Ivan Luca - 6,145,000
Nicolas Hamouni - 5,315,000

12.10am: Lambertz has aces cracked
Felix Lambertz raised to 600,000 on the button. Anthony Apicella made the call to see a
Q♦J♣T♦ flop. Both players checked before Apicella check-called a bet of 725,000 on the 7♠ turn.

The river was the 9♥ and both players checked. Apicella showed K♣Q♥ for a straight and Lambertz flashed A♥A♠.
12.04am: Lambertz wins limped pot
Nicolas Hamouni limped on the button, Felix Lambertz called in the small blind and Anthony Apicella checked in the big blind. The flop of 5♦5♠8♥ was checked to Hamouni who bet 345,000, Lambertz called and Apicella folded.

The turn was the 2♥ and both players checked. The 2♠ came on the river and Lambertz bet 1,200,000, Hamouni folded instantly.

11.54pm: First pot to Apicella
The first pot saw Felix Lambertz fire 550,000 on a 5♦K♠8♥ flop with Anthony Apicella quickly calling to see the 5♠ on the turn. Lambertz checked and Apicella took the pot down with a 650,000 bet.

11.50pm: Level 35 - 150,000/300,000 (40,000)
Players are back from the break. Just four remain with Felix Lambertz still chip leader.


Before there were eight, now there were just four

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour