FPS Monaco: Dion, Boeree, Kalfon out; Day 1B nearing close

The Day 1B field has shrunk to less than 300 now in the France Poker Series Main Event as they near the end Level 11 -- just one more 45-minute level to go and play will complete.

Since dinner we've seen more than 100 more players fall from the ranks of contenders, with many of those who have finding another of the many side events happening all about.

Shortly after the break, Yann Dion suffered an unexpectedly unpleasant end to his FPS Main Event run. Making a set with his pair of tens on a Q♠T♦J♦ flop, the Q♦ turn gave him a full house. And his opponent's aggression gave him a chance to commit all of his stack shortly thereafter.

Dion was well in front with his tens full of queens versus the other player's J♣8♥. But the Q♥ fell on fifth street, giving Dion's opponent a better full house and sending him to the tournament registration desk to take his chances in another tourney.

Liv Boeree's day is done after losing a three-way all in with Q♥Q♦ versus an opponent's A♠A♦ and a third player's A♣K♦. The case ace on the turn left the Team PokerStars Pro drawing dead, but she'll be back again no doubt.

And Franck Kalfon -- a.k.a. "Agent Kalfon" -- also met his end after running ace-queen into a pair of queens and failing to improve.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-134_Franck Kalfon-2.jpg

Franck Kalfon

Key FPS Monaco Main Event Facts:
- EPT4 Prague champion Arnaud Mattern is up to 140,000
- 728 registered for Day 1B, making 993 total
- 290 Day 1B players remain with just over one 45-minute level left to go
- The tournament is scheduled to play 12 levels today
- 85 survived from 265 entrants on Day 1A (leader: Valeriu Coca, 212,400)

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.