FPS Monaco: Frederik Treusch tops huge Day 1B field, carries lead to Day 2

Day 1B is done, and they've bagged and tagged in the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final. An enormous turnout of 728 today caused the total field to balloon to 993. From those who came today 229 made it through to tomorrow's Day 2, with the German Frederik Treusch appearing to have ended the night with the most chips of all after collecting 247,500.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-237_Frederik Reusch.jpg

Frederik Treusch

That makes Treusch the overall chip leader as he bested the 212,400 bagged by Valeriu Coca on Day 1A. Other big stacks to end Day 1B included Charbel Salloum who ended with 224,200.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-241_Charbel Salloum.jpg

Charbel Salloum

Alexandre Poulain also did well today, finishing with 218,000.

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Alexandre Poulain

And Giuliano Bendinelli -- voted Most Valuable Player at the inaugural Global Poker Masters recently for his contributions to Team Italy -- ended Day 1B with a more-than-healthy 213,800.

Others surviving the day included the earlier chip leader Attia (167,700), Arnaud Mattern (158,800), Heinz Kamutzki (122,000), Ben Warrington (114,700), Dimitar Danchev (100,000), Amos Ben (83,400), Jack Salter (80,900), Lucien Cohen (71,800), Ismael Bojang (63,100), Dermot Blain (53,400), Max Greenwood (36,500), Yury Gulyy (25,900), Ami Barer (21,400), and Bryan Paris (19,600).

And from Team PokerStars Pro, Andre Akkari (113,900), Christophe de Meulder (94,400), Julian Brecard (62,900), Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier (35,400), and Matthias de Meulder (8,000) all made it through to Day 2. Click here for a complete list of the 230 survivors from Day 1B and their stacks.

We had an inkling before play began that the Day 1B field would likely be considerably larger than the 265 we saw come out on Wednesday. Indeed, it wasn't long before more than 500 were seated, and as the group continued to swell it became clear last year's turnout of 837 would be eclipsed.

Several stars of the EPT helped make up today's group, with the aforementioned Team Poker Stars Pros plus Liv Boeree, Jake Cody, and Eugene Katchalov.

The chips were passed back and forth -- not unlike the cruise ships on the Mediterranean nearby -- and soon the field began to decrease as chip leaders emerged.

Following the dinner break we knew about the final number of 728 entrants for Day 1B, and by then we also knew more than half of those had already had been sent railward. The leaders then were Abdullatif Attia, Carlo Emeringer, and Marvin Namazian. Meanwhile we watched still more get knocked out as play wound down, with Yann Dion, Franck Kalfon, and Liv Boeree among the fallen, with Boeree joining fellow teammates Cody and Katchalov on the rail.

We have prize pool information to report before we close shop tonight. Of the 993 total players the top 143 finishers will make cash, splitting a total prize pool of €963,210 among them. A min-cash will be worth €1,790, while the winner is due to take away a hefty €177,000. Last year it was Yury Nesterenko winning €150,000 after topping a field of 837. For a complete look at the prize pool and payouts for the FPS Monaco Main Event, click here.

Players return at 12 noon tomorrow as survivors of the two Day 1 flights -- 314 total -- get together to play out the rest of the FPS Monaco Main Event. Join us again then for continuing coverage of that event, other side action, Day 2 of the €100K Super High Roller, and more. Until then, bon soir!

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.