FPS Monaco: Racing from scene to scene

They're down to 166 from the France Poker Series Main Event Day 1A starting field of 265 as the dinner break approaches at the end of Level 9.

As we've been noting there's a lot else happening here at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel as the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final 78-event series begins to gear up in earnest. Pot-limit Omaha and fixed-limit hold'em events are playing out this afternoon, and the cash games have heated up as well.

Back at noon we mentioned how just a couple of tables in the cash game area had players sitting around them. That changed quickly with more than 20 tables humming at the moment.

NEIL6573_EPT11MON_Cash_Games_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Cash games revving up

We've been lingering over in the corner of the tournament room as well, watching that €10,300 satellite to tomorrow's €100,000 Super High Roller rapidly play down from what was a big group of 33 players to start.

They are down to one table now in that one, with Dan Smith the latest to be knocked from the tournament after falling in a hand versus Bryn Kenney. Play continues with just seven players left, Mike McDonald, Adrian Mateos Diaz, and Dario Sammartino among them. Just three €100K seats are to be won, with a cash prize of €23,400 going to the fourth-place finisher.

- Event 714 NL - Super Satellite to €100K Super High Roller_####.jpg

Satty to SHR rolling along

Finally, the walk between the cash games and the tournament room takes you past another potential distraction near the information desk -- a mock Formula 1 car with a built-in video game giving passersby a chance to race along virtually at top speeds.

- Event 114 NL - Super Satellite to €100K Super High Roller_####.jpg

A faux Grand Prix at the Grand Final

We'll be back after the dinner break to report on how all of the action continues to race around to today's finish line.

FPS Monaco Main Event update:
- At the start of Level 9, 166 remain of the 265 registered for Day 1A
- Day 1A eliminations include Nathalie Odel, Gilbert Diaz, Dani Parlafes, Olivier Decamps, Jeremiah Nock, and EPT11 London final tablist Jonathan Bensadoun
- Roger Hairabedian is up around 80,000
- The tournament is scheduled to play twelve 45-minute levels today
- There will be a 75-minute dinner break after Level 9

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.