FPS Monaco: Ships and chips

From our perch on an upper floor here in the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel we enjoy a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. In the distance cruise ships pass slowly over the sunkissed waves, easy to track on this gorgeous, clear day.

With a modest 265 taking part on Day 1A of the France Poker Series Main Event yesterday, last year's total of 837 entrants seemed, well, perhaps as distant as those ships. But more than 500 were seated by the first level of today's second and last Day 1 flight, and by the day's first break the big board was showing 640 having registered for Day 1B.

Last year's total had been bested. We watched as one more 45-minute level sailed past after which late registration closed. What would the new total be?

At last the final late registrants took their seats, among them three more Team PokerStars Pros, one being Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier.


Elky at the table, and online

As he took his seat he tweeted a comment to his followers that indicated how packed things presently are:

Also taking their seats near the finish line for doing so were the Belgian brothers, Christophe and Matthias de Meulder. The pair have a last-longer bet between each other, having invited PokerStars.be players to vote who will win with some SCOOP tickets in the balance.

As it happens, they'll be able to keep track on the bet fairly easily, at least early on, thanks to their late registering.

EPT_GrandFinal_FPS-206_De Meulder brothers.jpg

De Meulders sur la gauche et sur ​​la droite

The serendipitous seating -- that's French player Damien Labaune in the middle, by the way -- earned a wry comment from Matthias:

As Level 5 moved forward the final tally settled on the big board -- 715 players for Day 1B! The total is still unofficial for now, but added to yesterday's 265 that would add up to 980 players total, well over the 873 who played the FPS Monaco Main Event a year ago.

We'll keep an eye out for the announcement of the official numbers, including prize pool information. as well as watch how Grospellier and the de Meulders do. And as we see who passes the rest of field to ascend to the top of the counts, in between hands we'll look out on those ships passing as well.

Key FPS Monaco Main Event Facts:

- A total of 715 are currently shown as having registered for Day 1B
- The tournament is scheduled to play 12 levels today
- There will be a 75-minute dinner break after Level 9
- 85 survived from 265 entrants on Day 1A (leader: Valeriu Coca, 212,400)

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.