EPT11 Grand Final: Passing time with friends (price tag €50K)

mirror_50k_3may15.jpgPassing time with friends. It'll only cost you €50,000

There were options for players without a main event seat today. For anyone who played yesterday there was an entire day ahead without obligation to do anything. It didn't have to be poker. Like I said, there were options. But then, it's always about poker.

With this in mind PokerStars laid on a new event this year, designed to quench demands for competition on a day that might otherwise have been spent on a coach trip, an extended walk, or at least a long lunch while sight-seeing. But then, Super High Rollers were never like the rest of us.

And so instead of fresh air and sunshine they headed immediately back to work and the Americas Room at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, where the Single-day €50K Super High Roller event was waiting for them.

The cold hard facts are that it was too much of a good offer. It was another chance to win a lot of money, even if it did mean taking on some of the best players in the world. At the very least -- and as the brown paper bags would suggest --it was somewhere to have lunch with friends.

Or talk about pressing subjects, like drinking whilst playing a tournament.

"I love it," said Kyle Julius, proving his point with another gulp of Corona, and ordering another. He told a story about once drinking all day during an event -- beer first, he said, then gin and tonics. The effect was he drank himself sober, or so he claimed. It's always possible he was mistaking feeling perfectly fine with being carried back to his room by two people. Regardless, serving as punctuations, the waiter brought him another beer.

He's not the only one enjoying a tipple this afternoon. Jose Garcia, who technically leads the Main Event after his performance yesterday (bagging up 181,900), has a glass of red wine. He's out of his chair a lot and you detect a slight swagger to his gait.

You can follow all the action for the duration of the €50k event on our live coverage page, with things expected to finish in the early hours of tomorrow morning. By then Julius will have come full circle and be sober again.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.