Putting EPT winners into facts and figures

With the EPT Grand Final festival underway and the Main Event set to begin this weekend, we played around with a few figures, adding up the career earnings of every one of the 110 EPT Main Event winners (from 111 events) and comparing them to what they won in that moment of triumph. 

* Who are the most successful EPT winners?
* Which winners took their money never to be seen again?
* Who are the most successful "first cash" EPT Main Event winners?

Well now you can find out. 


The numbers might be out by a few dollars, mainly because we rounded up (and down) in some case. Also because the figures were compiled last month, so it does not include any cashes in the past four weeks. But they give a general picture. 

These aren't definitive statistics, others statistics are available, only as part of a calorie controlled diet, may cause hyper-tension, etc. etc.

Does being an EPT winner guarantee even more success?

Winning an EPT Main Event is likely to do wonders for your bank roll, and then more. The combined career earnings of all EPT winners is $324,217,000, that from nearly $118 million in EPT first place prize money so far. 

That means the average earnings of an EPT winner is $2,920,874 (for 110 different winners in 111 events). So does that apply to every winner? Well, not exactly. Only the top 18 EPT champions have earned that figure or more. 

Who are the biggest EPT Main Event winners?

Biggest EPT Main Event prizes:

1. Glen Chorny (EPT Grand Final) $3,190,000
2. Pieter de Korver (EPT Grand Final) $3,020,000
3. Poorya Nazari (PCA) $3,000,000
4. Gavin Griffin (EPT Grand Final) $2,400,000
5. Galen Hall (PCA) $2,300,000

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And the biggest when the PCA and Grand Final are excluded?

1. Constant Rijkenberg (EPT Sanremo) $1,970,000
2. Sebastian Ruthenberg (EPT Barcelona)  $1,940,000
3. Michael Martin (EPT London) $1,830,000
4. Liv Boeree (EPT Sanremo)  $1,690,000
5. Sander Lylloff (EPT Barcelona) $1,600,000

And the smallest (all, unsurprisingly in Season 1)?

1. Alex Stevic (EPT Barcelona) $98,000
2. Ram Vaswani (EPT Dublin) $117,000
3. Brandon Schaefer (EPT Deauville) $186,000
4. Noah Boeken (EPT Copenhagen) $191,000
5. Pascal Perrault (EPT Vienna) $244,000

Who needs an EPT Main Event win anyway?

Highest earners among EPT winners, not including their EPT Main Event win:

1. John Juanda ($1,160,000 -- Barcelona) $16,940,000 in total
2. Jason Mercier ($1,300,000 -- Sanremo) $15,100,000
3. Steve O'Dwyer ($1,600,000 -- Grand Final) $13,370,000
4. Mike McDonald ($1,300,000 -- Dortmund) $11,680,000
5. ElkY ($2,000,000 -- PCA) $8,900,000
6. Mike Watson ($728,000 -- PCA) $8,342,000
7. Patrick Antonius ($343,000 -- Baden) $6,437,000
8. Davidi Kitai ($931,000 -- Berlin) $5,979,000
9. Martin Finger ($964,000 -- Prague) $5,636,000
10. Roland de Wolfe ($697,000 -- Dublin) $4,633,000

EPT Main Event win as a share of their career tournament earnings:

Ram Vaswani ($117,000 - EPT Dublin) $3,490,000 (3%)
Patrick Antonius ($343,000 - EPT Baden) $6,780,000 (5%)
John Juanda ($1,160,000 - EPT Barcelona) $18,100,000 (6%)
Jason Mercier ($1,300,000 - EPT Sanremo) $16,400,000 (8%)
Mike Watson ($728,000 - PCA) $9,070,000 (8%)
Mike McDonald ($1,300,000 - EPT Dortmund) $12,980,000 (10%)
Steve O'Dwyer ($1,600,000 - EPT Grand Final) $14,970,000 (11%)
Noah Boeken ($191,000 - EPT Copenhagen) $1,780,000 (11%)
Mark Teltscher ($495,000 - EPT London) $4,160,000 (12%)
Roland de Wolfe ($697,000 - EPT Dublin) $5,330,000 (13%)

One hit wonders

Which EPT Main Event winners credit their win for most of their career earnings?

Constant Rijkenberg$1,970,000$2,020,000$50,00098%
Julian Track$994,000$1,030,000$36,00097%
Poorya Nazari$3,000,000$3,130,000$130,00096%
Will Fry$745,000$783,000$38,00095%
Sander Lylloff$1,600,000$1,700,000$100,00094%
Mikalai Pobal$1,230,000$1,320,000$90,00093%
Joseph Mouawad$1,200,000$1,310,000$110,00092%
Andre Lettau$1,040,000$1,140,000$100,00091%
Daniel Pidun$1,150,000$1,270,000$120,00091%

Number of EPT winners who have earned more other than their first prize money?

57 of 110 players (51.8 per cent) have gone on to win more than the amount they won for their EPT Main Event win. 

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Where are they now (longest time elapsed since last cash)

Michael Schulz - June 2010
Allan Baekke - June 2010
Jan Boubli - November 2010
Roland de Wolfe - December 2010
Will Fry - April 2011
Jan Skampa - December 2011
Mats Gavatin - March 2012
Carter Phillips - July 2012
Mads Andersen - July 2012
Peter Jepsen - November 2012

First time's a charm

For 11 players their EPT Main Event win was their first ever live cash: 

Jason Mercier won $1,300,000 at EPT Sanremo (has since added $15,100,000 in live earnings)
Mark Teltscher won $495,000 at EPT London ($3,665,000 since)
Jeff Williams won $1,080,000 at EPT Grand Final ($1,040,000 since)
Brandon Schaefer won $186,000 at EPT Deuville ($974,000 since)
Mats Iremark won $586,000 at EPT Deauville ($674,000 since)
Ben Wilinofsky won $1,170,000 at EPT Berlin ($220,000 since)
Antonio Matias won $603,000 at EPT Vilamoura ($115,000 since) 
Joseph Mouawad won $1,200,000 at EPT London ($110,000 since)
Andre Lettau won $1,040,000 at EPT Barcelona ($100,000 since)
Julian Track won $994,000 at EPT Prague ($36,000 since) 
Michael Schulz won $684,910 at EPT Warsaw ($18,000 since)

Second time's a charm

For eight players their EPT Main Event win was their second live cash:

David Vamplew won $1,400,000 at EPT London (has since won $2,240,000)
Harrison Gimbel won $2,200,000 at the PCA ($1,260,000 since)
Lucien Cohen won $1,190,000 at EPT Deauville ($350,000 since)
Michael Eiler won $976,000 at EPT Vienna ($194,000 since)
Peter Jepsen won $415,000 at EPT Warsaw ($189,000 since)
Sander Lylloff won $1,600,000 at EPT Barcelona ($100,000 since)
Mikalai Pobal won $1,230,000 at EPT Barcelona ($90,000 since)
Constant Rijkenberg won $1,970,000 at EPT Sanremo ($50,000 since)

Third time's a charm

For five players their EPT Main Event win was their third career cash:

Jake Cody won $1,200,000 at EPT Deauville ($2,930,000 since)
Galen Hall won $2,300,000 at the PCA ($1,810,000 since)
Carter Phillips won $1,200,000 at EPT Barcelona ($1,480,000 since)
Pieter de Korver won $3,020,000 at the EPT Grand Final ($1,050,000 since)
Aaron Gustavsson won $1,350,000 at EPT London ($260,000 since)

That means for 24 players their EPT Main Event win was one of their first three live cashes (or 21.6 per cent of winners)

Click here to follow updates from the EPT12 Grand Final festival. By the time it concludes at the end of next week all of the above will be out of date. 

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.