EPT Baden: Olson on the move

Simon Young
Carl OlsonEPT uber-qualifier Carl Olson is a man on the move. The PokerStars player, who has qualified for all three EPT events this season already, and who is also heading for Dublin, has more or less doubled through by knocking out Britain's Julian Thew.Thew raised from under the gun with 9-9, and Olson (colson10 on PokerStars) re-raised from the small blind with A-A. Thew pushed all in, our man called and took down the 25,000 pot. He is now sitting on 52,000 and looking good for Day 2. Thew headed out of the casino and muttered: "I'm off to call the missus."While Olson, who now has the pleasure of sitting next to Vicky Coren, is heading the right way, we have lost Jorryt van Hoof. A chip leader earlier in the day, his stack disappeared faster that an Aston Martin down the highway. In the end, he bowed out when his club flush was rumbled by Frode Fragerli's ace-high flush. Jorryt - TheCleaner11 on PokerStars - was philosophical: "It's okay. It happens," he said.We have also lost Johan Kretz, Vesa Pitsinki and David Potts. But qualifier Erwin Fasching, who runs a cafe here in Austria, is still holding on, and Ara Melikian still runs strong on 35,000.Two big chips stacks sit next to each other but are keeping their distance. Marcus Golser and Per Umming both have approaching 50,000.Golser and Ummer keeping their distanceThe chip leader right now, as we climb into the last level of the night with blinds at 600-1,200, is Azad Pivooti on about 60,000. Fifty five players remain.Azad Pivooti looks a bit shocked at his stack