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EPT Dortmund: Curtain down on Day 1A


Maybe it was the late start or maybe the rising temperature in the tournament room while the rain lashed down outside, but there was something about day 1a that made it feel like a long one. No one could put their finger on it but the 121 players from the...more

EPT Dortmund: High fibre diet

We're getting near the end of day 1a and slightly more than 120 players remain. Like my unmentionable regions after a few days of this sauerkraut and meat diet, things are starting to get a little looser about now. The shouts of all in are increasingly frequent as the short...more

EPT Dortmund: Kravchenko's charge


Alexander Kravchenko has been making his characteristic steady, silent, ominous progress through day 1a and has recently hit his high water mark for the day, something in the region of 25,000. He got it all in pre-flop with A-Q against an opponent's K-K and it was something of a roller...more

EPT Dortmund Season 5: Interview with Rolf Slotboom


EPT Dortmund Season 5: Interview with Matthew Wood


EPT Dortmund: Chat!

It's always a delight to see PokerStars qualifiers enjoying their first major tournament on the EPT. Apart from the fact that they get the full PokerStars hospitality treatment in a country they might never have visited before, they also get to experience the terrific structure of the European Poker Tour,...more

EPT Dortmund Season 5: Interview with Johannes Strassmann


EPT Dortmund: Winners and non-winners


From one point of view the story is of ShootingStar Sebastian Ruthenberg tripling up to keep his tournament alive. From another point of view the story is one of Barny Boatman losing a load of chips as Ruthenberg tripled up. A huge crowd gathered for the hand, the Barcelona winner...more

EPT Dortmund: Wrang running the show


"Good luck in Dortmund. Let me know if there are any Danish players you need help with." This was a message I received at the start of the day from Simon Langeland, our PokerStars blogger from Denmark, following the tournament from his home in Copenhagen. And I was grateful for...more

EPT Dortmund: Floor!


Tough tables sometimes form thanks to the randomness of the seat draw, while others evolve out of the remains of broken tables, slowly forming into something hideous you imagined living in the closet at night. Few rival the line up in Copenhagen that pitted Gus Hansen, Bertrand Grospellier and Annette...more

EPT Dortmund: The best/worst seat in the house


At the start of this afternoon, the EPT's most successful Cypriot, Phidias Georgiou, had the best seat in the house. He was in seat two of table two, which just so happened to be at the very edge of the tournament room and right beside the stage. That meant he...more

EPT Dortmund: A few morsels


The second half of the field left for dinner a few moments ago, but not before the odd big hand slanted the landscape a little. The slanting came from William Thorson's table where the Team PokerStars Pro now sits surrounded by the likes of Jorn Walthaus and new arrival Joao...more

EPT Dortmund: Hooray Horecki


Marcin Horecki was down to about 3,000 chips within the first couple of levels, but he has now vaulted up to around 25,000. He was all in on a flop of J♣-8♠-2♠ holding J♠-3♠ for top pair and a flush draw. He wasn't ahead at that point, however, because his...more

EPT Dortmund: Kang and co

There's a two-tier dinner break currently going on. That means half the field are now chowing down a choice between chili con carne, pork in mushroom sauce or ham and sauerkraut, while the other half play on. And once the sated return, the starving can go and eat their fill....more

EPT Dortmund: Up, down and out


Three tables, three stories of varying fortune - control, frustration and elimination, all conveniently displayed in one short spell by a cast featuring Ivan Demidov, Peter Hedlund and Florian Silbereisen. To watch Demidov play is to witness a baffling display of what looks like laziness, or at best exhaustion....more

EPT Dortmund: Nuggets


A few nuggets of information from the tournament floor. Firstly, the PokerStars ShootingStar Benjamin Kang has made a great start here on home soil. He found kings against jacks and the better hand stood up after they got it all in pre-flop. Kang has more than 20,000 and is attracting...more

EPT Dortmund: Eine kleiner Oompa music


Before the whistle blew on level one the brutality of poker was driven home with all its naked force on Moritz Kranich's table. With the board reading 5-A-A-K and a player all in, the potential caller mulled the lonely choice - fold, taking your loss like a man, or hero...more

EPT Dortmund: Day 1 intro


EPT Dortmund: Apocalypse then


It's probably worth warning any readers who intend to stick with us this week that your two writers here in Dortmund once learned German at school. By "school", I mean high school, and by "learned" I mean sat for a few hours in a classroom with a blank face while...more

EPT Dortmund: Tough table

Finding your way to an EPT final table is no easy task, but the players over on table 25 today in Dortmund would be a good bunch to ask if you were looking to pick up the habit. There you'll find the Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki, who made his...more

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