Travel Diary: EPT Copenhagen

Copenhagen had been on my to-do list for quite some time, so to find out I was covering the EPT there was like a blessing in disguise. I knew it wasn't going to be warm and word on the street was that is was quite an expensive place, but that aside, my instincts were correct and I found Copenhagen a...more

by Laura Cornelius on March 6, 2012 6:45 AM

Mickey Petersen wins EPT Copenhagen and DKK2,515,000 after marathon heads-up

If you're playing online right now, or in a card room somewhere, take note: if you get it in good your hand will hold. If you're ahead, you'll stay ahead. That guy looking for a miracle? He won't get it. For today the capricious poker Gods tamed their impulses and permitted poker to run pure. We kno...more

by Stephen Bartley on February 25, 2012 4:34 PM

EPT8 Copenhagen: The dinner break debacle

How's this for a moral scruple. You're 22-years-old and your opponent, who is almost a septuagenarian* requests a dinner break. You had the chip lead albeit a narrow one but have since lost it and are now almost down to being a two-to-one dog. In other words you don't want to take a break, you want ...more

by Rick Dacey on February 25, 2012 12:36 PM

EPT8 Copenhagen: Petersen and Neuville go heads up, Hansen out in third

Pierre Neuville and Mickey Petersen are set to play an epic heads up for the EPT Copenhagen title and DKK 2,515,000 first place prize. Going down from three players that means it's Bjarke Hansen who has been squeezed out. Although Neuville had just grabbed the chip lead away him, it was fellow Poker...more

by Rick Dacey on February 25, 2012 10:10 AM

EPT8 Copenhagen: Where did everybody go?

Into the tournament room to see what was going on. As players went on a break I thought about talking to Mickey Petersen, but then figured the man was entitled to some temporary peace and quiet as chip leader. The last thing you want when you're in control of a final table is someone asking you how ...more

by Stephen Bartley on February 25, 2012 7:53 AM

EPT8 Copenhagen: Rasmussen out in fifth, Petersen in the driving seat

After a series of recuperating double ups Jacob Rasmussen has been knocked out in fifth for DKK 490,000 (approx. $88,400). The Dane had been knocked down to around 150,000 after making a big call with a combo draw against Bjarke Hansen's over pair and failing to get there. Rasmussen managed to doubl...more

by Rick Dacey on February 25, 2012 7:25 AM

EPT8 Copenhagen: Petersen at the break...

After excusing himself for a quick trip to the gents, Mickey Petersen caught up with us at the last break; shortly after doubling up with aces ("It's a good hand, yeah.")"Basically no matter what happens when you're playing five handed the money is going in there," said Petersen. "So really that's j...more

by Stephen Bartley on February 25, 2012 6:12 AM

EPT8 Copenhagen: Petersen doubles through Ravn, five remain

Mickey Petersen has doubled through chip leader Aage Ravn in a huge cooler of a hand. Ravn opened to 50,000 from the hijack and Petersen three-bet to 130,000 from the button. The Norwegian came back over the for 300,000 and the Dane, one of three remaining, calmly announced that he was all-in. Ravn ...more

by Rick Dacey on February 25, 2012 5:23 AM

EPT8 Copenhagen: Final five outnumber the rail

There are fewer people watching the final table from the rail now, four actually, none of whom look like potential EPT winners. One of them is wearing a comfortable sweater, for one. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance.That said, seats remain in the seating area, which right now serves as a meeting poin...more

by Stephen Bartley on February 25, 2012 5:04 AM

EPT8 Copenhagen: O'Dwyer and Van Alphen fall, five players remain

American Steve O'Dwyer and Dutchman Niels van Alphen have has just busted in 7th (DKK 290,000) and 6th (DKK 390,000) respectively. O'Dwyer, who joins an elite group of players that have made two EPT final tables in a season, shoved his short stack shove in with A♦3♦ and was called by Aage Ravn's...more

by Rick Dacey on February 25, 2012 4:44 AM
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