PokerStars Travel Blog: Madrid

Laura Cornelius

Madrid was one of the EPT stops I had already frequented, as The EPT Grand Final in Season 7 had been held there last May. When we explored the city, I wanted to do something a little different to what we had seen before, so I did my usual research into the capital city and decided we would explore Madrid from a completely different perspective. Of course, if you haven't been to Madrid, then don't let me entice you away from hitting the usual tourist spots. Plaza de Mayor is always lively and a great place to sit, eat some calamares and other tapas, drink some sangria and watch the world go by, just like the Spaniards do. However, beware not to go and have your lunch at a normal time like us British or other Europeans who would have a lunch, at say 1pm or 2pm, but switch yourself onto a later time zone and grab your tapas at around 4.30pm. This means when you're getting ready to go out in the evenings too, you must not go out and start drinking in bars until around 11pm and even hit the club until about 1 or 2am! Yep, the Spaniards are a very relaxed bunch and it is imperative to get into the general swing of things! So, getting back to our different perspective. I decided to take our viewers on the teleferico. Check out our video of the city!