Final Table_shahade.jpg

Monaco was all that I had imagined

Jennifer Shahade

Upon arriving in Monaco for the Monte Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final, I ate a salmon crepe, then jumped in a €300 Turbo, which I final tabled after some turns of fortune. I ended in fifth place and stumbled back to my hotel room in a thrilled stupor. But the poker fun had only just begun for me. The next day was an event I'd been geekily anticipating for weeks: a €500 + €500 NL Turbo Bounty with €500 bounties on each player. As a tight player, the strategic value of pummeling hundreds of blinds in the first orbit to unabashedly bounty-hunt, was as exciting to me emotionally as it was mentally. I sat down to a nearly empty table and I was smiling! Already my opponents were committing errors--it's a mistake to show up late for a bounty tournament.