San Remo


Travel Diary: EPT San Remo

Laura Cornelius

I am always excited to go to San Remo, since I can almost taste the food while I'm on the airplane, and Italian food is definitely my favorite. No tight dresses on this trip! The shoes are also to die for in all the little one-off boutique shops along the main street. However this time, as I had it in my mind I was excited about the shoes, but it just so happened I couldn't find any I liked. So instead I bought a few hundred euros worth of cashmere. Well, when in Rome! Oops I mean San Remo, near enough. This is a blog about food and shoes right? Oh, right, poker -- don't worry, I'm getting there. But take a look at our sightseeing video of San Remo first up (Warning: contains shoes and puppies!)