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EPT9 Berlin High Roller: Max Lykov leads into the night


High Rollers have never really been the type to snivel at a late night. Their natural environment is that period unnatural to everyone else, the witching hour beyond midnight, when everyone else, even those charged with their supervision, would rather be somewhere else, and asleep. But play on they do...more

EPT9 Berlin High Roller: Not your average bathroom break


There's a coarse phrase used among the proles of Great Britain (ie, me and my ilk) which reminds them (ie, us) that even Her Majesty is made of flesh and blood. I'll paraphrase for the readers of a family blog, but it goes something like: "Even the Queen's effluence is...more

EPT9 Berlin High Roller, Day 1: Players rolling up


The EPT High Roller has started a short while ago with many of the usual suspects turning over their €10,300 entrance fee. Artem Litvinov, Steve O'Dwyer, Dominik Nitsche, Todd Terry, Griffin Benger and Vladimir Troyanovskiy, are joined by the likes of Jason Lavallee, Timothy Adams and Jan Heitmann. We've got...more