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EPT9 Berlin High Roller: Griffin Benger turns 28 and comes of age in spectacular fashion


Name recognition for Griffin Benger is not all that high on the live poker scene. Before today, his total recorded tournament haul was $263,139, which didn't even earn him a place in the top 150 in Canada. However, mention the name "Flush_Entity" to any of the online kids and you'll...more

EPT9 Berlin High Roller: Can Benger apply the icing to his birthday cake?


Griffin Benger is celebrating his birthday today and who wouldn't like a €429,000 cake? If matters continue to go as swimmingly for Benger as they have during the opening four levels of the €10,000 high roller, he could find himself in the position to offer €15,000 for each of the...more

EPT Berlin High Roller: Lykov and Kabrhel stick to their guns over late-night showdown


The €10,000 high roller tournament resumed at 1pm today, and even though there had been an adjournment of 13 hours since they bagged up last night, it didn't feel as though all slates had been wiped clean. Many thoughts still lingered on yesterday's closing stages, specifically the last hand of...more