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EPT9 London High Roller: In for a long (ish) night


How long will the high rollers be playing tonight? Well, Isaac Haxton's request for a double espresso might be some indicator. The high rollers have before them eight hours of play scheduled tonight, which should take up them up to around 12.45am. In the general scheme of poker that's not...more

EPT9 London High Roller: A fresh start


At the kind of festivals we have grown accustomed to attending, held in small towns like Deauville, Sanremo, or the Atlantis, Paradise Island, it is difficult to go more than a few steps without seeing a familiar poker player. The tournaments manage to take over the place and relegate everyday...more

EPT9 London: £10,300 High Roller begins


The EPT High Roller is under way. Stay with us at the PokerStars Blog for live updates. The buy-in is £10,300 with one reload, which can be taken any time up until play begins tomorrow morning. Expect all the usual big names and grinders to get involved. Click here to...more