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EPT9 London High Roller Day 2: Alekberovas leads as they approach the money


The High Roller will play on to a final table, at which point they'll be asked whether they want to play on. High Rollers do like to play, and endurance is an important part of their game. As they push on after the dinner break, Anaras Alekberovas, an EPT Barcelona...more

EPT9 London High Roller: A round with Luke Schwartz, Kevin MacPhee et al


The £10,000 High Roller event is taking up the largest section of the tournament room today, but it is garnering approximately five per cent of the attention. The Main Event remains such a humdinger that almost all eyes are fixed squarely there: at time of writing, the O'Dwyer, Jorgensen, Chouity,...more