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EPT9 London High Roller: Talal Shakerchi trades high finance for high rolling, wins


Talal Shakerchi is very accustomed to moving money around. A lot of money. By day, Shakerchi is a high rolling hedge fund manager, a superstar in the world of high finance. But by night, and in particular over the past couple of years, Shakerchi has been doubling as a high...more

EPT9 London Day 6: The giant leap - crossing the Vic threshold


There may be only three players left in the main event, and three in the high roller for that matter, but The Vic is packed with poker players as the day-to-day business of the Vic card room on a Saturday continues. For generations the Vic has been the headquarters of...more

EPT9 London: Shoe on the other foot as Talal Shakerchi powers ahead


We're three-handed in the £10,300 High Roller here at EPT London and with no deal on the table there are two players under pressure who you wouldn't usually expect. Faraz Jaka and Fabian Quoss are fighting from behind facing two large pay jumps Quoss has clocked up $2,846,256 in live...more

EPT9 London High Roller: How the Million Pound Showdown started the High Roller craze


When James Hartigan and Rick Dacey went down to the tournament floor about an hour ago, to film a segment for EPT Live, they ran into a bit of resistance from some railbirds. "This isn't Hollywood," grumbled a particularly narked Vic regular, peeved that he had been asked to move...more