EPT10 Barcelona: How to pick a Super High Roller TV table

A fascinating vignette on the tournament floor as the Super High Rollers slim down to two tables. It leaves just the television table and the primary outer table left occupied. It also means a redraw, with players given detailed instructions as to how this particular redraw will work.

First, with the clock paused, each player was invited to rack up their chips and draw a new seat card. They were then told to take their chips to one of two vacant tables alongside. But neither of these two tables would actually be used. Instead, they were a staging area, a place for this beauty pageant to take place.

For what was at stake here was not just a seat to the right of Jason Mercier, or to the left of Daniel Negreanu. This was a time to pick the most "TV friendly" of the two tables, to be beamed around the world live on EPTLive for the next few hours.

The task of selecting which table would go where fell to the television staff. Do they go for the prettiest? The most successful? The best talker on camera?

A place at the TV table beckons

The players walked with their chips toward this temporary staging area, perhaps wondering to themselves whether or not they were personally appealing enough to spend the next few levels under the TV lights.

Eric Seidel, Vitaly Lunkin and Sandor Demjan looked ambivalent as they began filling the nominal table 2. Steve O'Dwyer, Mike Watson and Timothy Adams meanwhile took places at the nominal table 1. Then Daniel Negreanu came running along.

It is, of course, not about who looks the prettiest - more what will make the most compelling television. The addition of Negreanu sealed it for the producers, and no doubt the viewers on EPTLive.

So Negreanu was sent back to whence he had come while others took their turn being miked up. This included one of two Hungarians left in the field Ignat Liviu, who, slightly bewildered by it all, perhaps owing to the size of his meagre stack, stood as if being miked up by the police for a sting operation.

Just say the word "all-in" Ignat and we'll come and get you out.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Barcelona