EPT10 Barcelona: The difference a year makes for Ole Schemion

Last April at EPT Berlin (Season 8) we were on the lookout for some breaking local talent. Who were the future stars of the poker weld? Who would be tomorrow's new Tobias Reinkemeier or Philipp Gruissem. Thanks to some inside tipping courtesy of the German blog, we picked out Ole "Wizowizo" Schemion and if you don't believe us you can check the article here.

ept berlin_day 1a_ole schemion.jpg

Schemion then...

Since that article, Schemion has won $2,990,220 in live tournaments and appears to have upped his protein intake to three chickens a day. The transformation of young men into High Rollers can be a dramatic, as can be seen clearly in Schemion. Simple white t-shirts are replaced by a sleeveless gun show, mild teenager glare is exchanged for tough guy stubble. The transformation from young grinder to grown High Roller is both formidable and dramatic: Schemion was bossing around some of the best and biggest names in the game with no obvious display of nerves. Perhaps this should come as little surprise given that he was the 2011 PokerStars Tournament Leader Board champ.


Schemion now

David Benefield was hanging out with Vitaly Lunkin. Timothy Adams was chatting with PokerStars Global VIP Host Garry Gates. Mike McDonald stood chatting with some fellow grinders at the back of the room, while Steve O'Dwyer opted to sit on a chair by himself calmly sipping at a bottle of water. All had been put through a quick TV routine that includes a photo taken by EPT photographer Neil Stoddart and a quick stare-down-the-barrel-of-the-gun posturing in front of the cameras.


Benefield (left) and Lunkin

I managed to catch Schemion for a quick interview. He was wearing the same sleeveless green hoodie that had served him so well yesterday and Stoddart, departing from his usual visual expertise, tried to joke with Schemion as to why his body was so cold yet his arms so warm. Schemion looked confused and it took me a little bit of time to get him back on track. The German is 20 so not yet old enough to tear up Las Vegas, but no doubt will do after the turns 21 in the next couple of weeks.

"The key moments were obviously when the money went in two times. Once against Jonathan Duhamel who jammed king-six suited against my eights and they held up. Then quite a long time after that when I three-bet called my kings against ElkY. They were the key moments."

It's an oft told story, that of the young grinder that crushes online but can't convert into live success. Think of Shaun Deeb for some length of time. It may have taken Schemion some time to adjust, but not too long.

"It took me a while to get into it really. The first ten Main Events and side events were not so... I didn't win too much," said Schemion.

Then one of the TV floor producers stepped in. Schemion was the last player to be put through the media wringer. They had to take him. And in case you were wondering why players go through this process for no extra money, these big events only really exist because of TV. It's all part of the bigger picture.


The Super High Rollers: who will bubble?

After his TV profile Schemion, quite understandably, and politely I might add, excused himself for continuing the interview after I tried to collar him walking off set. "I'm sorry. I need some time to relax and get ready," he said.

It's okay, Ole, I don't blame you. You're about to play a €128,000 bubble and need to focus. I do, however, blame Stoddart. I could have got at least one more question in if he hadn't confused Schemion with that hot-cold nonsense. But his pictures are so good I guess we can forgive him.*

*Stoddart has further defended himself by pointing out that he had the other seven Super High Rollers laughing by saying that the late arrival of Schemion was because he was "probably looking for his sleeves." Okay, we'll give you that one, too.

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