EPT10 Barcelona: Mercier and Piqué best of friends in record-breaking High Roller

Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando lived next door to each other for years on Mulholland Drive, which was tagged 'Bad Boy Drive' thanks to Brando and Nicholson's hellraiser antics (often assisted by Warren Beatty who lived down the road). But when they were not tearing it up, what did these guys get up to together? What did they discuss? What do any people who aren't in the spotlight chat about? The situation in the Middle East? Favourite foods, colours and TV shows? They certainly don't just recount lines or argue about who's got the biggest trailer, but it must be refreshing talking to someone else who understands what it's like to live in the public eye.


Mercier and Negreanu

Jason Mercier is a well known guy in the poker world. He's graced multiple magazine covers, been in hundreds of TV shows and has even been a muse in a hip hop song. We can get a little introspective in the poker world and think that we're the centre of things. Mercier is one of the biggest names in the game and is used to get asked for snaps, but when compared to Gerard Piqué it's time for a role reversal. He's the fan boy who asked for the photo (see below). And to any football fans who stumble across this post who wonder why Piqué's playing cards, we'd like to point out that poker is a skill game - and was last year ruled as such by a US federal judge - which strongly tests your mental faculties as well as your ability to hold your nerve in high-stress situations.


Fresh from the phone of fan boy Mercier

But, you know, famous people can be fans, too. Mercier wanted a snap with Piqué because he's an enormous sports fan. What's more, Piqué asked for a picture with Mercier in exchange. Sportsmen should be allowed to have their hobbies and leisure time, too. You can't always be playing it up on 'Bad Boy Drive'.

Piqué's still going strong in the Main Event, well after Mercier punched the clock on his way out of the tournament room. There are 56 players remaining in this High Roller field, which itself clocked in with a high rollling record 180 €10k entries. Keep keyed in to our High Roller coverage as we play down towards the money.

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