EPT10 Barcelona: The hubbub before the end

The end of a big EPT Day 1 has a very distinct feel. There's a lot of dreamers left in as well as a lot of journeymen grinders. Both approach the end differently. Most of the dreamers slow down, careful not to blow their chips and miss that bittersweet overnight nervousness that comes with that "What if?" that can't be hushed. The grinders are different. They've been here before, many times before. Quite a number of them have even won EPTs before.

EPT Dortmund winner Sandra Naujoks slowly saunters across to a new seat, adjusting her cap before unshackling her chips from their rack. Another title holder Frederik Jensen (EPT Madrid) stared into the distance, just over EPT photographer Neil Stoddart's shoulder who was scurrying between tables diligently trying to catch photos of every potential chip leader.


Team PokerStars Pro Sandra Naujoks

EPT Deauville champ Jake Cody sat with his seat crossed and tucked back beneath his chair, unlocking his phone past the wallpaper of his girlfriend Alex - the mother of his child to be. Cody published a blog a couple of days ago announcing that news so congratulations are due to the Triple Crown winner. Cody's wearing a Man of Steel hat today. We now know for sure that he's got lead in his pencil.


Triple Crown winner Jake Cody

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