EPT10 Barcelona: Steve O'Dwyer, sunshine and the guilty pleasure of ice cream

The European Poker Tour takes you around some fantastic destinations. Some, like Barcelona, shine in the sun, while others, like Prague, glisten best under a fine layer of snow. The problem is that if you're either very good at poker or an indentured member of the PokerStars Blog you often don't get the chance to leave the air conditioning of the casino. So it took quite some synchronicity for reigning EPT Grand Final champ Steve O'Dwyer and two guilty-looking members of the PokerStars Blog (myself and Stephen Bartley) to find ourselves side-by-side heading towards the outer, brighter world.

"Where are you guys going?" asked O'Dwyer.

Just to get some fresh air and some sunshine, we replied guiltily - it wasn't even break.

"I've now got plenty of time to get some sunshine," said O'Dwyer.

Forget "showers", this is the freshlly minted phrase to say that you've bust. O'Dwyer has more reason than most to embrace the sunshine. He yesterday cashed for €355,100 in the EPT Super High Roller, his tenth $100,000+ score and the third largest of his career. It's understandable that he wasn't raging about his €5,000 exit, but he did tell us enough - after we asked, we should point out - that he thought his own play was hilarious (not in a good way). It's good to know that even the best players can sometimes confound themselves with small brain explosions.

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O'Dwyer in the Super High Roller, yesterday

If you're here in Barcelona and looking for a little treat during your next 15-minute break then we can recommend an ice cream from La Figaro across the road. Walk out the back exit of the casino, dodge the surly taxi drivers and assorted rollerbladers, dog walkers and cyclists and not only will you find a great selection of gelato but you'll also feel like you've finally completed 1980's arcade game Frogger.


Night time action

A wander further down the promenade takes you past a variety of cafes and restaurants before you hit a large section of beach topped by four volleyball courts. It's a good spot to fool yourself into thinking that you'd be doing something physically enthusiastic if you didn't have to get back to the tournament room. Talking of which, what are you doing reading about ice cream here? Click on back through to our live coverage now.

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