EPT10 Barcelona: The case of the bloody two-dollar bill

We'd heard something recently about a big creative project in the works for Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic. Something to do with a novel he'd written.

Spotting Palovic among the field for today's Day 1B, we headed over to his table to learn more about the rumor. Was it true? Had he penned a new detective thriller?

Very quickly, the mystery was solved.

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Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic

As the picture on Palovic's shirt shows, his new book is called Karmínový Dvojdolár, the title referring to a bloody two-dollar bill that figures prominently in the book's murderous plot.

"I wanted a title that was a little bit interesting, and the two-dollar bill... it's official currency in the U.S., but it's rarely used, which maybe makes it a little mysterious."

So, is the book set in the U.S.? Actually the question is not so simple to answer.

As Palovic told us, different translations will introduce changes into the book's setting. For example, for European-language versions the book will be set in New York, while the English version for U.S. readers will move the action to Prague, Paris, or perhaps Rome. Other differences between versions -- made possible thanks to new advances in publishing -- will be introduced as well.

"But the story's going to stay the same," Palovic continued. "It begins with discovery of the dead body of a very influential lobbyist. My detective, Gus Larsen, then sets about to solve the case, using some highly unusual methods of gathering information to do so."

It's a story charged with sex, violence, and other page-turning elements, a whodunit with some surprising twists as well.

Is there any poker?

"A little," said Palovic, noting how Larsen does play the game. "He also uses his knowledge of non-verbal communication to help discover the meaning of clues and develop new leads," he said, noting how his own experiences at the poker table helped him in that regard.

Palovic returns from the dinner break to a stack of 39,000, having just doubled up with aces versus an opponent's pocket sevens. What will happen in subsequent chapters of his EPT Barcelona Main Event story remains to be discovered.

Meanwhile, we can't help but look forward to Palovic's other story, as he's got us curious now to find out more about that bloody two-dollar bill!

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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