EPT10 Barcelona: The two sides of the Main Event

It's a tragic thing to have to witness -- the nearly haves, exposed to the happiness of the haves. Perhaps there's a case that each should stick to their own.

On one side of the barrier the players from the Main Event were filtering out of the tournament room for 20 minutes of rest and relaxation. They've had two full levels to play. They were happy and eager to talk to each other about the previous two levels. It's good to be back where the poker is. There is joy in the world.

Compare that to the other side of the rope line just a few feet away -- the line for the 9pm satellite tonight. It's busy and doesn't seem to move at all. The people in it look like they've been waiting for several hours, either leaning on something or having actually found a chair to sit on, no doubt which they'll heave along whenever the line moves forward. Registration was yet to open, but they all wanted to get their hands on a golden ticket. There's dedication for you.

The dividing line

Each looks exhausted, bored, and now this. They can see the happiness of the faces of those able to actually touch and feel the cards, to actually win poker hands. Their faces speak of an agonizing envy that won't go away, at least not until the 40 people in front of them go away.

Eventually, the Main Event players return to the poker room, having had their fill of bonhomie and mirth. Nothing changes in the line.

NOTE: It should be pointed out that the queue was not moving because registration was not yet open.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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