EPT10 Barcelona: Ole Schemion leads as Super High Roller play ends on the bubble

It was a day of great change in the Super High Roller event today. Stacks that started big ended small. Others, who had scrambled for whatever chips they could keep hold of earlier in the day, found themselves seated behind massive towers by the close. And still, we never quite got business settled before players bagged up at 1.25am.

That final table is in place following the completion of a 13-and-a-half-hour day, led by chip leader Ole Schemion, who bagged up 2,835,000 at the close -- more on him tomorrow.

Ole Schemion

Crucially, while eight will return only seven will finish in the money, making Sunday afternoon an awkward one for one of them.

Here's how they'll line up tomorrow.

Seat 1. Timothy Adams - 845,000
Seat 2. Steve O'Dwyer--1,015,000
Seat 3. Mike McDonald - 2,300,000
Seat 4. Fabian Quoss - 1,120,000
Seat 5. Erik Seidel - 1,145,000
Seat 6. Ole Schemion - 3,835,000
Seat 7. David Benefield - 1,020,000
Seat 8. Vitaly Lunkin - 2,470,000

A simply list of names doesn't really tell the story of the day, which started in August and finished in September. It had all looked so different several hours ago. Instead, the likes of Mike McDonald and Fabian Quoss survived, the latter with a series of unlikely double-ups, after earlier having his kings cracked; McDonald with a sudden surge which at one point took him to within a blind of the lead. Both return tomorrow.

Mike McDonald

Instead it was left to others to endure the disappointment of a premature departure, a string of top draw players, surprised perhaps to be out so soon having watched big stacks become little stacks before they disappeared entirely.

Daniel Negreanu had been ahead in the early stages, but crashed out on the last hand before the dinner break.

Daniel Negreanu

He was sent there by Eric Seidel, whose day could best be described as being a bit of both -- turning a stack that times hovered around "perilous" into a bag worth millions, before he too was struck by short-stack syndrome, losing a large portion of his chips, just like everybody else. Unlike Negreanu however, Seidel will return.

Eric Seidel

Joining Negreanu on the rail meanwhile was fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier. The American went just after the dinner break when his ace-nine was out-kicked by Timothy Adams' ace-jack.

It was some time before Dani Stern went in ninth place, an unlikely faller given the size of his stack two hours previous. Rather than lose everything tonight the rest hung on, playing down the last level of the day in the hope that tomorrow will bring with it at least a min-cash.

Dani Stern

It was a volatile day, with good fortune visiting every player at least once it seemed. The survivors will rely on more than that when they play to a winner tomorrow.

There was plenty to talk about in between the drama at the tables and the sunshine outside. Grand Final champion Steve O'Dwyer attempted to mimic his Super High Roller prediction of last year with his pick for this year. O'Dwyer was among the last 16 players who were paraded before the TV people as they made their EPTLive choices. So too Jason Mercier, who talked about Super High Rollers and the odd slow German. Meanwhile Michal Watson talked us through a hand while Mike McDonald talked about blinking and The Stare.

There will be a one hour delay on the live stream tomorrow, which will broadcast as if live, with cards up, starting at 2pm.

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For now though, it's good night from the Super High Roller event in Barcelona.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.