EPT10 Grand Final: One Million Euro Cash Game starts soon

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a One Million Euro Cash Game.

Yes, tonight we're going to be streaming a big money cash game, as if the live streaming of a €100,000 Super High Roller wasn't enough, where some eye-watering stacks of chips will be fired back and forth across a televised table. The actual line up of players will be confirmed only when they sit down to play what's likely to be the highest stakes game you'll ever watch live: a €500/€1,000 ring game.

We've been given the nod on a few players that have confirmed interest, but that's not to say that they're definitely going to play. That list includes Daniel Alaei, Alec Torelli, Andrew Robl, Isaac Haxton, Paul Newey, Christoph Vogelsang, Richard Yong, Lo Shing Fung, Matthew Kirk, Dan Cates and Haralabos Voulgaris. That should make for one hell of a game. Load up on your popcorn, fizzy beverages and salted snacks. This is must-watch poker for cash game fans.

The minimum buy-in is €250,000, but it would be fair to assume that more may be brought to the table. Last year, Haxton, a member of Team PokerStars Online, ended up raking in a huge €1m pot. That's real money. Not tournament chips or even tournament cash. That was one hand, one pot, one million euros. It was one to tick off Haxton's bucket list.


Ike Haxton playing in the Super High Roller, today

The One Million Euro Cash Game webcast is due to start at 10.15pm CET and will run until 2am. Watch it at EPTLive.

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