EPT10 Prague: A little light relief both on and off the tables

Tournament officials have looked at the existing numbers and the likely numbers, and called for eight levels of play today, complete with a 90 minute dinner break after level six. It'll mean an end to play just after midnight.

Even for a poker player, used to sitting up all night multi-tabling in their underpants, it's a long day. So it's natural that some might seek a few distractions along the way.

For most players this is the frequent glance at a phone or tablet device. For others, this fear of boredom is taken a step further. Like with Gamriel Sosunov for instance, who plays with headphones on watching YouTube videos on his tablet, while at the same time balancing a hard-backed book and two notebooks on the edge of the table, presumably for when his battery runs out.

There is though some external provision for entertainment, in the form of an ice-rink in the hotel car park, provided for players by PokerStars as a little celebration of the EPTs tenth anniversary.

It's not unusual at this time of year for Prague to be blanketed in snow. There's none of that so far, but the ice has been manufactured for those brave enough to don skates and dance the bolero. Or, if you're a man trying to impress a woman, fall on your face first, and then work your way round the edge holding on to the rail.

Jeff Rossiter ready to dance on ice

Once you're tired of that, or are carried off the rink on a stretcher, you can grab some local refreshment in the miniature Christmas market that has been set up, also in the car park. There you'll find traditional sausages, food and mulled wine to warm body and soul. Although, given the lethal nature of ice skating, the wine should probably be drunk before taking to the ice, not after.

What with the lights and Christmas music it makes for a very merry scene. In fact, the only people not feeling Christmassy at the sight of this are the people who formerly used the car park to park their cars.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Prague