EPT10 Prague Day 1b: Welcome to the second flight

You can always tell how much Rick Dacey means something by how much he accompanies his words with hand gestures. And in this video, in which he stands alongside Laura Cornelius of PokerStars.tv and introduces Day 1b of EPT10 Prague, those brass bands are playing a full oom-pah.

With good reason, though. As Dacey explains, this Prague festival has attracted record-setting numbers and by the end of today we'll know how many have turned up for the €5,300 Main Event. Early indications suggest we are getting very close to 900, which would be the most ever seen in this vicinity.

For the rest of the early gossip, it's over to Dacey and Cornelius. (And check out that 1980s school prom tie.)


Tournament room in Prague on Day 1A

  • For Day 1B of the Main Event, head to the EPT Prague Main Event page. There's hand-by-hand coverage and chip counts in the top panel, plus feature pieces below the line. All the information about event can be found on the main European Poker Tour website.

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in EPT Prague