EPT10 Prague: James and Joe are here (and acting like fools)

If you made the mistake of signing up to to EPTLive commentator James Hartigan's Twitter feed you'll be well aware that he and co-host Joe Stapleton were delayed at London Heathrow these last couple of days. Fog - a real pea-souper, as they used to call it - descended on the British capital causing many delays and cancellations. That said, the PokerStars Blog made it here to Prague in time. Draw your own conclusion as to who are the work-shy slackers. And if you haven't made up your mind then watch this....


Lolling around in some business lounge somewhere (or maybe UKIPT Series)

The main EPT Live webcast starts at 3pm CET today. Watch it here.

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in EPT Prague